How to Make Operations in Mind Quickly (and Five Games to Prove Yourself)

How much is 55×16? How about 251×864? We know you’ll be using the calculator app or asking Google, but wait a minute: we already have algorithms that allow us to quickly perform these calculations. It is enough to get to know them, or rather to rediscover them. Mental calculus is innate in humans (and to be honest even in some animals like rats and pigeons) but for cultural rather than cerebral reasons, it is often set aside during development. Mathematics is proverbial incomprehensible (when we use it at all times), the usual is not “feeling pregnant” (nonsense according to economists Noah Smith and Miles Kimball: “Talent is less important than work, preparation and self-confidence”, as they say) and the prevalence of that Portable calculators which are smartphones have kept us from performing operations by making use only of our neurons. However, when paraphrasing the title of a famous book, it is easy to calculate if you know how to do it.” Knowing some algorithms helps, there is no doubt, But not only that – as Dario de Tovoli, game creator, founder of Studiogiochi and frequent fan of Mind Sports Olympiad, explains. You also need to find the right shortcuts. I myself refuse to remember long and complex algorithms, but I am always looking for shortcuts that simplify the way the calculations are made.”

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