“I did not leave the Great Sunday to Raz Degan. I will never be rich, which is why I say no to reality shows »- Corriere.it

From Francesca Angeli

The showgirl and actress says to herself: “I had to escape the boycott, I would have settled down to be a gym teacher without chasing after my dreams. Back on TV with a reality show? They give me big bucks but they don’t have good content. Not having children was a conscious choice.”

Paola Paralli turned fifty-five. She is always beautiful, blonde, very gorgeous and very loved by the audience, despite the long absence from television. A distance that has never been so obvious to those who have become fond of it and appreciate its professional growth This girl from Fossano who moved to play Madonna in clubs and then moved to wheel of fortune Mike to cover the top roles of TV. Baral has gone through these years of borderline TV brawling with social media with a certain charm, with the attitude of someone who knows what’s going on, knows it might not be in his favour and yet doesn’t make a tragedy. In order to feel good in the world, you have to know how to live. and learn how to play.

An allure of curiosity was created around her. Like when she was a guest on the show monsters, by Francesca Fagnani, about Ray, and asked the question that was on many’s minds, is that if she had homosexual relations, he replied “Nothing against women, but I prefer penises.” Why her career had a setback, there are no explanations (one like her on TV is still fine) but that certainly didn’t stop her from being there. Today it’s stage time.

Paola Barale, “If You Have to Lie a Lie by Della Grossa” is the title of the stage show you see with Paola Quatarini. Do you like theatre?

“In theater it is like television: I am getting better. This is satisfaction. I love theater, it is always different and I never risk repeating the same situations.”

You think it would be boring if you became a gym teacher.

“When I was young it seemed on my way. I attended Isef in Piazza Bernini. Then I started working as an impersonator for Madonna, I didn’t like it very much but they paid well. I spent the evenings with impersonators of Lisa Minnelli, Prince, Grace Jones … My mother gave me 5 thousand lira. There. I gained a lot and a lot.”

How did you start?

«In Fossano (where I was born and raised so
) There were and still are good “Mars Pictures” photographers. According to them, I looked like Madonna. They told me that they would present my photos in Milan for fun, in an agency similar to Giancarlo Carimoli. The first time they took me there.”

And then?

«I inherited the car from my sister Jabri, like everything, like clothes, I was the second. It was a yellow 126 with Snoopy in the back. I didn’t like traveling alone so I also took pistachios, my cat.”

It is very close to Milan.

“I have always loved Milan. Even in the awkward times, when everyone said she’s ugly and modern and too fast. Today it is also greatly improved. There is a sense of hope that you really feel. I live high and always see many cranes, the horizon … All this development is a marvel. Before Covid, fashion and design from all over the world gathered here. Many describe it as boring and foggy. I don’t know, I see crazy sunsets from my window. Today, it is easy to say that Milan is great. Milan has always been great, it depends on what you have to do with it. It lets you work and have fun, it’s comfortable, international, but it’s not too big. In Italy, you either stay in a beachfront location or there is only Milan. Or Lange.

Will you live there in Lanji?

“When I go to visit my father in Fossano, I take the Genoa-Alessandria route and come out in Tortona. Inevitably, towards Alba Barra I get lost. And I love this thing. I pretend I can’t find the way and that I’m enjoying the sunset, I do too long. I have fantasized many times taking a small house and sending it there. But they don’t even think about staying in Cherasco, Barolo or Neive. I would like it but then it will happen as is the case with Ibiza.”

You no longer have a home in Ibiza?

“I wanted to live in Ibiza several months a year. But I can’t do that in theatre. And I’m at a moment in life where I don’t want to have anything holding me back. For the same reason, I no longer have dogs, although I adored them and miss them.”

How are her parents?

“My family has passed on to me the values ​​I believe in: loyalty and transparency. My dad still scolds me sometimes like I’m fifteen.

Was she a rebel?

“Sometimes I get it wrong. When I decided to leave Isef they didn’t appreciate it very much. With my first money I bought a used Honda Paris Dakar 200. My mother got so angry, she told me I could pay the dentist because I had cash to burn. I went to live alone. Then they surrendered to the world of entertainment.”

Did the county leave her behind?

“I ran away because I needed different things, otherwise I would have always stayed there. I would have just taught gymnastics but my nature was different.”

Its sliding door?

When I left on Great Sunday.


“No, it came a year later. I left because I really needed to do more. When I left he was still top.”

She will be a reality singer. Why doesn’t he do that?

“They ask me all the time, and they also give me big sums.”


“I will never be rich. Of course I like the good life. And it is important to be calm when, for example, you are sick and need treatment. But I know how to manage my money and my happiness is more important. Reality shows do not have good content ».

What does he like about himself?

“My balance. My determination, my passion and my enthusiasm.”

Have you ever thought about a child?

“Having no one was a conscious choice. I think I’m aging pretty well too, because I don’t have anything, I feel free from my head.”

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