“I have been taking psychiatric medications for ten years, is it legitimate to hope for a cure?” – Corriere.it

From Giancarlo Cerveri

In addition to psychotherapeutic, therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions, it is also necessary to reflect on lifestyles

I am 25 years old, when I was 15 I was taken by pediatric neuropsychiatry due to delirium and tantrums towards my parents. My childhood was full of neglect and lack of interest. I’m worried about the medications I’ve been taking for 10 years: I understand they are necessary but I want to be fine even without them. Can I wish for a cure?

answer Giancarlo CerveriDirector of the Psychiatric Complex Operations Unit, ASST of Lodi (go to forum)

In psychiatry, the diagnosis is made when the pathological process becomes behavioral change. I will try to explain: man begins to possess gods Emotional disorders of increasing severity, but little appears outside as long as she can go to school, do her homework, and do some of the chores of daily life. Sometimes the level of individual suffering is very high, but also thanks to shame, the subject does not communicate and no one notices anything. The disease becomes apparent after months or yearsExhausted, a person explodes in fits of anger or exhibits abnormal behaviours. Creating a cultural environment that helps communicate emotional and psychological difficulties to an individual is a starting point for early intervention.

Pubert and early adolescence

The second question, that it is more and more clear Many psychiatric conditions begin in puberty or early adolescence: At this point they present a specific expression consisting of symptoms that are more transient, but less specific to a single disorder. Symptoms of depression, mania, psychosis, or substance abuse They can take turns in a state of extreme suffering. The scientific literature now agrees to define this condition as a precarious mental condition. After some time this condition can develop into a serious mental disorder (Psychosis, personality disorder, and bipolar disorder), often very satisfactory conditions. That is why more and more urgent Implementation of services for this age group, with the ability to recognize and treat early. The third question family roleIn the process of disease progression, the family plays a central role in helping and supporting the person to take care of himself, to accept help. The right treatment for a person at this crucial stage of existence It has a tremendous impact on his life.

Healing concept

Treatment of the acute condition that allows the individual to finish his training, Creating the relational fabric that will characterize his adult life Strengthening your emotional relationship skills is a primary goal. To get to your question, the answer is, if psychopathology is also of multifactorial origin Treatment must take different paths. In addition to psychotherapeutic interventions, psychotherapy and rehabilitation, they are also essential Think about lifestyles. Constant physical activity, and abstinence from alcohol or drug abuse are essential tools for talking about recovery. A term that has many possible definitions For psychiatrists, patients, parents, diagnostic guides and health service regulators. Perhaps one of the coolest things that happened to an American colleague who wondered if his recovering patient had managed to find a job he liked enough, if he had friends, some passion, and a date with someone the following Saturday night.

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