“I love the Neapolitans because they made a pact with life”

Long, intense and exciting interview given by singer Renato Zero to Corriere della Sera

A long, intense and exciting interview released by the singer Renato Zero to me Corriere della Sera. From childhood to the first album of the transition to the love of Naples: “When I was young, we lived in the historic center, via Ripetta. At home, three single uncles, my grandmother Renata, my three sisters, my father, my mother, me and a German shepherd who took me for a walk. It wasn’t a big apartment but we were camping. Well. In winter it was warm with each other. Romanella breathed her innermost being. We had no bath in the house, but on the veranda. And the gentlemen who set their sights on this Rome of great building prospects, said to all families like ours: ‘If you go to suburbs, you also have in-home service. My stepmother left and we found a mother, the town.”

In 1973 it was the turn of his first album: “No! Mom, no!” With makeup and sequins, she criticized compatibility and miscarriage. “This record declared that I would be a person with a thousand faces. The mask was an element of the Greeks and Latins, they preferred it to diplomacy, to pseudo-institutions, because it gave life to a game in which you can test your intuition when I see one that I can’t untie makes me want to look inside to understand it.”

Need makes a man a thief. When you are hungry, for anything, you become a lizard, a snake, a monkey. I love Neapolitans because they signed a pact with life: they are not gelatinous and firm. If I were to present an Italian abroad, I would send a citizen of Naples.”

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