In China it is forbidden to use it, even in Germany they rush to hide

Tesla cars are spying on you, the threat comes from Germany, where the police would have found out this very scary fact, but what is right?

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a newsletter who comes from German law enforcement agencies Do shake the world From Elon MuskIt seems that Tesla They spy on youit looks Your movements inside the car. a’Very strong accusationwhich will definitely have some Effect. They seem to be on the same page Chinese authoritiesthey are looking for Information Around. there Request What will you do is how they spy on us? They can do it for Law? So let’s answer your questions as well as onGermany’s accusation.

The accusations made by Germany and what happened in China

there Berlin Police have found that guard systemsubordinate Teslamay be one A real threat to privacy. The the system serve to observe through the cameras, All events that endanger the careven when it is Stop. there police He said it looked like one spy modeon condition violating privacyincluding from passing by us. Tesla for this part, Not just photographingbut Send data for him server in Hollandwhere you decide Whether you use it or not.

police car
German police want to look for cover after this discovery –

there Germanyso he decided to put in Warning All car ownersand asked about deactivation who is this specific method. Thomas Goldackwhich drives Police in the western part city, asked that The mode is no longer used at all. The China’s Beidaihe DistrictAfter learning about this story, I decided to Tesla banned from trading for two months. The the reason It is due to the fact that there is Communist Party Leaders Meetings; Therefore, the China he is afraid they can be spy on.

Is this service threatening?

The escort service born for a purpose Defend our carbut it obviously contains Ease of control is much more. All pedestrians resumedeverything Happening in the area will be easy to recover. This is it Against the privacy of passersbybut also same angelMaybe in the car they do what they do They wantAlways respect Law. all of us We don’t want to be spied onso there is clearly something in this the System does not work.

Tesla from the inside
Tesla’s interior has always been very technological, but as we can see it has its downsides –

The the system he have facilitates to send everything to them server in Hollandwhere is she Tesla Then he decides what to do with it. Now it is clear that Tesla use these datajust for to make sure In the event that the cars strikerbut if they end up wrong hands? If those shots ended in the hand hackerThe Situation It will be a lot dangerous. Tesla together with Authority Should come to one solutionwhich suits both of you, to cars factory to allow her to stay insure their carswhile the States Should Defense of privacy.

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