Insurance, the black box wasn’t enough to calm prices: new increases are on the way

Insurance could be subject to increases, given that the black box is no longer sufficient, a concern for millions of Italians.

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The game that allowed black boxIt seems that this can no longer be done. there shorthand which allowed it CategoryIt seems Not enough anymoreTaking into account the pricing strategy This is what you do for him increase rates. This is a sign Risk launched by Luigi Federico Signoriniand he evas headduring Final considerations on workOversight body in 2021. Let’s get to know what’s going on better.

What alert are we talking about?

Gentlemen Explain that the black box It has been used for nearly 20% of motorists It’s me Make sure. this is Category . allowed price reductiontries to Encouraging correct driving behaviors. The Risk Whatever it came from the same companiesthat they carry out trick to do Increasing the price of the policy. else problem Is this the Companies do not pass data on customer characteristicsindustry nothing Usage hypothesis black box.

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Buying a car just got more expensive –

evas with Search his turn on Sample of 4 million insurance contractsit appears that I Client who use the black boxthey have price repercussions since they were a plusIn the long time. according to Categories saversthere is a need for Attention of the organizersWhy problem It’s a lot Grand. Give Data transfer From one company to another, it should be one Normal thingthis is required Signorini repeat.

Our prices are among the most expensive in Europe

The rates Actually they are price decreasebut according to Searches They stay longer highCompared to everyone else European countries. Gentlemen He explained The average price Yes, you’re right Reducingbut the The difference with Europe Spends highThe measures You have in the field droponly from 38% premiums“. Right Warning who joinsinflationWhich he does, of course Increase prices accordinglyEspecially with regard to the repair and replacement of car parts.

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Insurance policy costs in Italy among the highest in Europe –

So we must Removal or to relieve all of these skewnessto reach it Affordable insurance premiums. I remember that he represents comes into effect also show General budget. the new Regulation For this scale it was already publishedand will become duty both for Businessfor which mediators. trying to do increase competition in Rcaand therefore alsoefficiency. We’ll see if this plan you will succeedto me High price protection subordinate insurance.

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