Isabella Ricci – Fabio Mantovani, What a fear: there is treatment in the hospital

Great fear for Isabella Ricci, who had to take her husband Fabio Mantovani to the hospital for his hospitalization: her condition.

A day of great anxiety for Isabella Ricci who saw her husband, Fabio Mantovani, in the hospital. The former men’s and women’s knight had to rush to the clinic for surgery: how is he now?

Ex-Madam for Men and Women with Fabio Mantovani (via Instagram Screenshot)

A little less than a month ago for Isabella Ricci And the Fabio Mantovani The long-awaited wedding has arrived. Only 30 days after marriage, the newlyweds experienced their first inconvenience. In fact, Maria De Filippi’s former dispatch jockey has had surgery and is currently in a clinic. To reveal the details of the whole, the two thought about it through an Instagram story, and together they let the audience know that they’re following through on the details. Fabio has subsequently undergone aknee surgerywhere there has been a problem to be solved for some time.

Fortunately, the surgery went well and now Mantovani You will have to face 15 days rehabilitation. At these hours, the spouses are in the clinic, exchanging updates. In fact, the two revealed to the affectionate audience that the process went well. Both smiles are satisfied, which shows that the knee surgery has given good results. my husband is better. So the former lady is posting many pictures of them both in the clinic at the moment. So let’s go see Fabio Mantovani’s condition.

Isabella Ricci with Fabio Mantovani after the operation: “It’s better”

Men and women, the return of Fabio Mantovani and Isabella Ricci (Photo © Mediaset).
Fabio Mantovani and Isabella Ricci during a dating show by Maria De Filippi (Photo © Mediaset)

last week Isabella Ricci She announced her husband’s operation by writing: “At the weekend Fabio goes to the clinic because he has to straighten his kneeAccording to the first rumors the two released, the knee problem has been around since Mantovani played football when he was young. A few days ago, always Ritchie, let the public know that Honeymoon in Dubai it’s over. In fact, the two married in an intimate ceremony in Piscantina, in the province of Verona, where the former knight lives.

During the wedding there was no shortage of recognizable faces men and women Such as Samantha Curcio And the Marcelo MessinaWho maintained a close friendship after the program and participated in the ceremony. In fact, after the photo posted by Isabella, Curicio’s comment appeared at the top, who wrote: “He has a wonderful woman aroundIt is clear, however, that there were no faces like Gemma Galgani and Armando EnkernatoAlways a Ritchie competitor.

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