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A Thai scientific team published a study confirming the transmission of the Sars-CoV2 virus from a cat to a person (a veterinarian sneezes on an animal’s face) S. However, according to experts, the risk level is still very low

For the first time, a Thai scientific team published in the Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases has obtained the approval of what it calls “conclusive evidence” Transmission of Sars-Cov2 virus from cat to humanveterinary doctor.

“We’ve known that for two years It was one possibility“Commented on temper nature
Angela Bosco-Luth, a scientist at Colorado State University. This was the second fear of many cat owners around the world: that housewives could pass the virus on to humans. The first is that they can get sick themselves.

In fact, it has already been shown that cats can contract the virus without developing particular problems. And suspected cases of transmission to humans have previously been studied in herds in Europe and America to other animals such as mink. In particular, cats have already passed Sars-Cov2 among cat communities several times.

But It is clear that the species’ “leap” towards humans is changing views: Thus the cat enters among the species that can act as a means even if The risk level is very low according to experts.

The reason is easy to understand: given the massive prevalence of domestic cats as pets (almost a family member) all over the world, it is clear that Moving is a very rare event.

In case the team studied it The evidence is very strongA family infected with Covid19 took the cat to the vet. The animal sneezed in her face and three days later the same doctor fell ill without anyone in her circle of family, friends and colleagues.

At that point, suspicion arose and further analysis confirmed that he had contracted the disease from the same type of virus that resulted in the cat.

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