J-Ax Towards 50 / “Peace between me and Fedez? Before the tumor was diagnosed”

J-Ax talks about himself in an interview with Oggi magazine, around the age of 50

He will soon be half a century old J-axea rapper originally from Cologno Monzese who these days has become the center of media attention because he celebrated His reunion with Fedez on the Lovemy stage, A concert that Chiara Ferragni’s wife wanted even before he was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. As a provincial boy, the former Article 31 pursued the dream of making music and in an interview with Oggi magazine tells herself not only tales of the life he lived as a man but also as an artist, without diminishing his artistic and personal pronouncements. Share the past with Fedez. “Now I am a firefighter with a lighter in my pocket,” said Alessandro Allotti, one of the pioneers of rap in Italy. When he was part of the duo Article 31 He aroused the media hype with verses Ohi Maria, dedicated not to a girl, but to marijuana. Today he works primarily as a musician on his own but also as a producer, television personality, author, and podcast host on bloody thrillers that end with Satana’s Salute! And the next August 5th will turn half a century and in connection with the stated goal, he declares: “I don’t feel it, apart from the fact that I have to wear reading glasses.”

In the past, he would have imagined that he had died before 50 years“Because of the way my life was set up, I didn’t think it would last long, I was the typical country boy who wanted to liberate himself.” “Sex and drugs and rock and roll? More than anything else, beer and chainsaws and rap”, then the rapper announces the proven collaboration with Fides, I would like but not the place”, fifty seemed really far away, but it is true that the more it goes on, the more Things went faster. My son gives me a perception of time.” Moreover, in the course of the interview, J-Axe does not hide the reasons for his tendency not to write love songs: “It makes me laugh when I listen to people my age write love songs, from the girl who gives. You even, it is not possible to be in Every record 10 crazy love relationships, or that you fake or really suck relationships. I don’t write love songs because in my love life everything is fine, I have nothing to say, I would like to write something that highlights the differences between what I consider true love and the perception of society for love “. Slave is the boundary that separates J-Ax love from infatuationIt is not easy to find the right words. We live in a world where infatuation with love is exchanged. Duration is decisive. Love is tested by things in life: health problems, bereavement, old age, all kinds of problems. It is easy to be in love When everything is fine, and it is more complicated to be together for 21 years and to be married for 15 years as in my case.”

J-Ax and his second half facts with Fedez

Then we come to the point and to Reunion held in Milan, at the Lovemy Theater with Fidez. But when they ended up fighting J-Ax and videos? The former claims that he chose to be just an artist and that at one point his ways were split with Fidez due to irreconcilable business visions. However, it was Fedez who took the first step towards his reunion with J-Ax, by calling him to invite him to participate in Lovemi. Initially J-Ax did not respond to the suggestion, but the two cleared up their misunderstanding, until they were reunited: “Fediz and I made peace 3 days before the tumor was diagnosed. Life teaches us a lot when you have serious problems, we are different in our personality but still We can make music together.”

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