June 30, Contract Expires: Here’s Who Greets Turin (and Related Wages)

Contract deadlines, unwritten loans and partition paths: the situation in Turin

June 30 is the prelude to the upcoming season, the last day before the official start of the transfer market. But it is above all else what remains of the past tournament and marks the conclusion of an often multi-year cycle for those reaching the end of their contract. For businesses, there’s another key aspect, especially with the market around the corner: getting rid of the paychecks of those who will say hi.

There are two players whose contract expired on June 30, 2022. The first and most talked about is Andrea BelottiAnd the Who will drop the bomb after 7 years. Christian will follow Ansaldi, which also received the arena for some time. In purely economic terms, it means savings on two fairly large operations: two million earned by Gallo, and one by the Argentine. Added to this is another source of savings, derived from outstanding loans. Josip Pricalo Marco will be received with him Bjaca and Muhammad Rent. The first chose to change course, the other two were not convinced. Thus, three more salaries for a total amount of 4 million euros (1 Bricalo, 1.5 Pajaca and Knight salaries each) disappear. In addition to this, the 200,000 euros that Thomas earns annually Bubiga, returned to Milanello after the dry loan. Also added failure to recover Brightbut it is known that Taurus is trying to get him back.

The other routes will be officially separated by Turin. The first is Antonio komi And Massimo burr. The two, who were relieved as general manager and head of the youth sector over the past summer, had remained on the club’s payroll, where they still have a one-year contract. The relationship between Granata and Marcelo also ends contractually, after being exempted during the 2020-2021 Spring Championship CotavaAnd the Who has already chosen the place of departure again in Turkey. His successor, Federico, is also new to say goodbye Kopeteliwho leaves the bomb with his staff, if he has the option of continuing in another direction, that scorto. Instead, the position of the youth sector benches must be decided: here too a large part of the coaches, starting with the coordinator Antonino auctionat the end of the contract.

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