Juventus says goodbye to Dybala: “Swirt Paulo”

On the day Goya’s contract expires, the club honors him after winning the 12 black and white titles. Arrivabene: “Things have a beginning and an end.” Goodbye to Morata too

The June 30 Arrived and today officially ends the love story between Paulo Dybala and the Juventus. Despite the flirtation with Inter, Goya is still without a team and according to some rumors in recent days, through her entourage, she would have contacted Juventus to see if there was a possibility to negotiate a new agreement and return to Turin. Juventus wrote on their official website that the door, however, appears to be permanently closed (his career will “actually continue away from Turin”) and is reiterated by the Juventus CEO. Arrivabene During an interview with Tuttosport: “Suppose there was a decision in which there was no condition or reservations about this and we implemented it.”

“There was an agreement – Arrivabene explained – and then there was the capital increase, we all took a break, which was reported to and approved by the prosecutors, to do assessments within the board of directors. We met again and said the terms had changed, because we wanted to move in a different way. So who held Four years with certain characters, which I would avoid mentioning to avoid further controversy, we moved on to another strategy. Because everyone knows who arrived in January right? But that didn’t hurt the relationship There was no war between us and Dybala.”

“After the decision, we always greeted each other warmly in the sports center – continued the CEO of the old lady – let’s say there was a decision without any condition or reservations on this and we put it into practice. I hope Dybala finds the team and the satisfaction he deserves. In our view, things have a beginning and an end. I repeat: Juventus is above everything. There are players who have left a deep mark, but the Juventus brand is becoming increasingly important.”
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Greetings from the club
“He arrived that he was a young and talented promise, and now he salutes Juventus, bringing with him a wealth of experiences that made him the champion; Paulo Dybala’s career will in fact continue far from Turin. It was said, it is baggage. It was built together in these seven years. The baggage for Paulo consists of 293 Appearances, 115 goals, 45 assists and 12 trophies. The numbers, which, if analyzed, tell us many things: for example, Paulo occupies the ninth place in all – time in the ranking of the top scorers in the history of Juventus, given all competitions; he is the tenth best Top scorer in Serie A, Juventus’ third all-time top scorer in Europe, with 18 goals in the Champions League.And again speaking of goals, Ulan: Dybala is the player who scored several times (68) at the Allianz Stadium, considering all The competitions and he is the Juventus player who has scored the most goals from outside the box (25) in Serie A. Not only about goals and food replays, but from great plays, unforgettable nights, and performances of absolute quality. And for all that we will always thank him. Happy, really, my suerte, Joya!”

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Inter, Dybala-Marotta contract holding for now: a week to decide the future

To also compliments to Morata: “Thank you for everything”
The link between Alvaro and Juventus arose many years ago and the experiences lived together, which led to the achievement of two league titles, the Italian Cup and the Super Cup, as well as the trip to the Champions League final in Berlin in 2015, made it possible to become so solid that it did not break even when the roads parted for the first time. It was June 21, 2016, but that greeting that would have seemed like a goodbye was nothing more than a goodbye. So, four years later, Alvaro’s second adventure with Juventus. We said goodbye to a boy with a future to write about A man with many experiences on his shoulders has returned to Turin, ready to embrace a never-forgotten past to live other unforgettable moments The first season finished second with Juventus with twenty goals in all competitions and won two more cups together: the Cup Italy and the Italian Super Cup. rtita, in every training session, with the will to help the team at any time. Is that what we also saw this year, scoring twelve more goals and, in total, reaching a height of fifty-nine with the Juventus shirt. The latter will remain the one who scored at Allianz Stadium against Lazio last May 16 in his last appearance in the black and white shirt. Good luck in your future, Alvaro. And thanks for everything! “.


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