Kaliningrad, the symbol of Russian horror appears on the border – Libero Quotidiano

Latest threat from Russia In the Lithuania It is summarized by “Z”, Zeta of Terror, symbol of the massacre of Ukrainians by the Russian army. As stated in a post on his personal Twitter page by journalist Jakopo Iacoboni, in Sovetsk, in the Kaliningrad Territory, the Russian exclave separated only by a river from Lithuania, the letter Z they drew and made clearly visible appeared. Lithuania.” Photo by Monica Jakuto of LRT. It says a lot about the climate here.

In recent weeks, the Lithuanian authorities imposed No passing Through their lands towards Kaliningrad Sanctioned goods by the European Union. Two days ago, the Lithuanian parliament passed a law banning the import of Russian gas. However, the text authorizes the use of the country’s infrastructure by Russian suppliers transporting gas to Kaliningrad.

Today only the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, At a press conference at the beginning of the last day of the NATO summit in Madrid, the alarm bell was sounded: “Putin’s expansionist ambitions They will not stop in Ukraine. It also concerns the Baltic republics, Poland, Lithuania and other countries who are knocking on the doors of NATO.” He added: “If Finland and Sweden join NATO, it is not in the spirit of expansionism but because they want to defend themselves from a real threat, that is, Russia led by Putin. If we do not act in defense of Ukraine, the cost and price to be paid now and in the future will be much greater.”

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