Masks at work and smart work, that’s what’s changing

One in 40 people is positive. This means that in a condominium, even if it is of medium size, there is at least one infected person. The data are those of the Lazio region, one of the regions that saw the largest increase, along with Campania and Lombardy, in each of the cases. In today’s meeting between experts from ministries and social partners, as has been expected for days, we are moving towards confirming the use of masks at work. Ffp2 should be used, and the temperature should not exceed 37.5 and is encouraged smart work To protect vulnerable workers.

But will indoor masks ever become mandatory again for everyone? At the moment, the Ministry of Health is ruling it out, also because Italy will be the only European country to predict this, while other countries no longer publish numbers for infections or have canceled the quarantine obligation for positives.

Omicron, more than 20 thousand cases in Lazio. D’Amato: I will ask that the masks be adhered to

Portugal experienced a boom with Omicron 5 Before Italy, but now it is already beginning to decline, which gives hope for a flattening of the curve by the end of July. But there are two unknowns: the first was pointed out by Professor Walter Ricciardi of the Catholic University of Rome. By allowing the virus to spread undisturbed in the summer, we risk a dramatic fall. The return of the commitment to using masks in October appears to be a foregone conclusion, while Minister Speranza told Lazio Councilman D’Amato that the era of lockdown is over. Another unknown is the risk of chaos due to so many pluses because public as well as private services can move in. For example, today the Sardinian press is reporting the news that Volutia Airlines has canceled flights to the island because it is unable to replace staff banned by Covid.

The Gimbe Foundation warns: With an average of 55 thousand cases per day, masks must be worn indoors, minimizing blood circulation, and it is necessary to give the fourth thing to the weak. According to Professor Massimo Ciccucci, of Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, it is essential to restore the commitment to wearing a mask in closed and crowded use. “With this spread of the virus, it is a serious mistake not to protect yourself,” he explains. Lazio’s health advisor, Alessio D’Amato, in an interview with Messaggero, launched an appeal to the government: “With cases increasing, the obligation to take back the masks is inevitable. But it should be a national decision, not a single regional one. Those who say tourism should be protected do not understand that they are being punished without masks. If all workers in hotels and restaurants are infected, how do you provide services for tourists? ». In short: for your health but also to avoid spoiling your vacation plans, use a mask indoors even if it’s not an obligation.

Bassetti: “In July, a large part of Italy will be closed: there will be 2-3 million positive in isolation”

On the hospitalization front, there is an increase, albeit slight. Intensive care, on a national basis, has reached an employment rate of 3 percent. The data must always be balanced: hospitalizations are not necessarily caused by Covid, if the virus spreads a lot, it is statistically likely that among those hospitalized with other diseases, they are positive. At the same time, this should not reassure us: a positive patient nevertheless complicates the work of the wards. Moreover, Covid risks exacerbating other diseases.

What will happen in the fall? The Ministry of Health has already announced this: there will be a new vaccination campaign, but with vaccines adapting to new variants, with the same strategy used every year for influenza.

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