Masks in action: today we decide. Infection increasing? omicron error 5

Bologna, 30 June 2022 – hot hot, start vacation Summer, discontent two years after pandemic: a combination that makes Italians “sensitive” about this subject Corona virus disease. But unfortunately the data on The infection started to grow again Alarmingly, with the variable Omicron 5highly contagious, which speeds up to March.

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Mask at work?  Today we decided
Mask at work? Today we decided

The mask in action: today we decide

And I saw it Hospitalization is increasing (including those caused by respiratory problems), the lens focus on the use of workplace masks Special. Today only , June 30, commitment ends To wear a mask in the workplace. The intended schedule must be decided Today in a video conference In which are representatives of ministries Work, health, economic development and care You will have to deal with social partners.

The goal is to develop an updated script for Protocol on Health and Safety in the WorkplaceWhich “allows a new framework for post-emergency rules”, without diminishing the “significant increase in injuries that has characterized the past few weeks,” as noted by the Minister of Labor.

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The new wave of blame for Omicron 5

to push numbers New Wave is the BA.5 variant of Omicronmore transmissible than the versions of SarsCoV2 that have been circulated so far, so much so that an index of Infection Rt has now reached a value of 1.4 According to the sites that calculate this value on the basis of indicators and criteria different from those adopted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanita (version) which allows for more modern values.
Physics and statistics from the CovidTrends website indicate the value 1.4 for the index equivalent to Rt, Covindex, with a doubling time for cases indicated in 17 days; The CovidStat website of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn) indicates that the value of Rt is 1.44, with a margin of uncertainty between 1.81 and 1.15 and a reliability of 95%; The doubling time indicated is 11 days. The Rt value as of June 28 indicated on the website by physicist Roberto Battiston, of the University of Trento, is 1.23.

Increase in hospitalization: Viasu بيانات data

As for the data of Fiaso sui hospitalization for Covid, Born in 17.7% The increase reported by the sentinel hospital network as of June 28. To influence the height, patients are hospitalized Ordinary departments which generally increase 20.9%. In particular, patients hospitalized with Covid, that is, those with respiratory and pulmonary syndromes, rise by 34.5%, while Con Covid, that is, those who arrive at the hospital due to other diseases and are found to be accidentally encountered, rises by 10%. For Fiasso’s boss, Giovanni Migliori, the time since the last vaccination affects the increase in hospital admissions.

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