Men and women, Fabio Mantovani and Isabella Ricci in hospital: what happened

Fabio Mantovani, a former men’s and women’s jockey and recently married to Isabella Ricci, underwent surgery and for that reason is now in the hospital. With a photo posted on Instagram, the former lady of the Maria De Filippi program told how her husband is now …

Fabio Mantovani Currently located in the hospitalAfter he underwent surgery. my viewers men and women They followed it very carefully Attendees Between the knight and one of the women who soon became the heroine of the Maria de Filippi program, Isabella Ricci. In fact, Gemma Galgani’s opponent has found true love Fabio Mantovanitwo married / married Just a few weeks ago.

After the honeymoon, there was already the couple’s first stumbling block. As you can see from the photos posted on social media, Isabella Ricci She had to run in the hospital to stay next to the husband, Who was taken to hospital after asurgery. Fortunately nothing seriousthe former lady From men and women Everyone is already assured that…

Men and women: How’s Fabio Mantovani doing?

Isabella Ricci

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To tell them what they’re going through these days think about it Isabella Ricci. L ‘Former protagonist From men and womenIn fact, he revealed that he was in the hospital waiting for it Fabio Mantovani He entered the operating room to undergo knee surgery, which he had been delaying for some time.

But how did it go? the operation? Isabella Ricci He wanted to reassure all followers and fans of the couple on Instagram, assuring that everything went well. at the moment Fabio Mantovani after leaving the hospital, He will have to undergo rehabilitation for about two weeks, after which he will probably be able to slowly return to life as usual.

“my husband He’s better“, he wrote Isabella Ricci In the Instagram post where there is also a post-operative photo, with a large ice bag above knee Domains from Fabio Mantovani.

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