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Michelle Hunziker reveals the secret. After sharing the video with Eros, here is the truth that no one knew

When you’re a character with a large following, it seems really hard to keep a secret. Of course, it is this respect for privacy that concerns everyone, but it is clear that for those who have to face the weight of notoriety, everything is much more complicated. Pretty girl has understood this for some time now Michael Hunziker, in fact one of the most followed women in the entertainment world. His life, for some time now, is constantly in the spotlight. Many remember the good times when the beautiful Michele was the girlfriend of one of the most followed Italian singers.

Michael Hunziker (web source)

In fact, the love story with Eros Ramazzotti has lasted for a very long time, and even today, the years that saw the two in the spotlight often come to mind. Their relationship was one that many people followed, who didn’t want to miss anything about this couple we talked about. Until the arrival of the daughter AuroraIn this sense, the media’s interest in them has increased. Everything, you know, ended some time ago now. Michele reconstructed her life with Tommaso Trussardi, and with him also raised a family. In recent months, as many know, even this last relationship has come to an end.

last year For the first time in many years we all celebrated my birthday,” he explained to young Aurora over the microphones of “Il Corriere della Sera,” in an apparent reference to Father Eros and Mother Michel. “It is a closing circle, for me and them; It is also a beautiful message for many who are breaking up and believe that relationships will never recover,” the couple’s daughter continued. A message that already contains many meanings.

Michel Hunziker, revealed the secret to the followers

Thus, this extreme closeness between Michel and Eros causes a lot of discussion. The two, in fact, appear together Always often. Even during the Michelle Impossible program, in fact, Eros attended the program conducted by his ex-wife, which made netizens discuss.

Michel Hunziker's Stories
Stories by Michael Hunziker (Instagram)

As it often happens, Hunziker decided to open a question box on Instagram to answer some of her fans. These days, when there is a lot of talk about her and her closeness to her Ramazotti. A question popped up, actually trying to sneak into Michelle’s mind.

“You have a secret to conquer hard times? “I’m really tired,” explained one Michele’s fan. “Allow that tiredness, it is part of recovery. You can’t always be strong, there are times when you have to face things. One can also feel tired, and then you wake up again,” explained Michelle. A very personal vision, a “secret” he wanted to share with his fans.

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