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Michelle Hunziker is perhaps one of the best presenters that the Italian television world can boast of.

Over the many years of her career, the beautiful Swiss has been able to constantly improve herself, especially by working alongside the sacred beasts of our television.

Michael Hunziker (Instagram)

Michael Hunziker He was born in Sorengo on January 24, 1977. He made his television debut with Good SundayShe participated in the role of Miss Buona Domenica, but achieved her first real success lightning strike, on Italia 1. Then, in 1995, she rose to fame with one of her lingerie commercials, framed from behind with a side “B” as the hero, thanks to the advertised memoir. Among the many programs that were made we find: Festivalbartwo copies, Jokes asideAnd the papercima And the section news.

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In her career, she also participated as an add-on in her ex-partner’s video Eros Ramazzottiin the song “the best thing”. From this relationship, which both fans loved, a daughter Aurora was also born.

Today, the latter is embarking on a career in the world of television, and therefore in show business, she is trying to equal what mom Michelle did.

in this days Aurora Ramazotti I had the honor to lead along Alienware Casalegno“Love Me”, which is the charity concert that he organizes videos And the J-axe for the benefit of the city Milan.

Michelle Hunziker, terrifying curves

also Michael Hunziker very popular in social networkThe Swiss woman often publishes photos and videos of her daily life. This time he excited his fans with the image of the sea which, of course, sent them into a state of meltdown.

Michael HunzikerIn fact, I posted this shot where it can be seen coming out of the water, with A perfect body accentuated by a white bikiniVery beautiful and simple. Greetings from his followers, of course, was not long.

What’s your opinion Who is this lookout for Michelle Hunziker? For her, too, the coaching and sports mindset makes the difference.

Michael Hunziker (Instagram)

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During the quarantine period Corona virus disease It became an important reference for people at home; Switzerland, in fact, with their daughter Aurora Ramazzotti He had a great idea to start directing on his Instagram profile for Train with his fansLocked in the house like her.

This “adventure” she did made the people who had been following her for some time become more loyal, as well as the less up-to-date ones, because it is clearly a much appreciated situation.

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