Mourning on TV, a famous face of reality shows died: he was 28 years old

Mourning on TV, a famous face of reality shows died: he was 28 years old. The news was shared on the social blog she sponsored with her boyfriend

Small Teen Bigger World star Yasmine Burkett has passed away at the age of 28. Her body was found in the tent where she was living with her boyfriend.

Haddad on TV (Photo: Facebook)

He has been the undisputed star of British reality shows. Yasmine Burkett She passed away at the age of 28, as her boyfriend sadly announced, Louis Burke, through an animated post on social media. Born with dwarfism, Burkett played a prominent role on television by participating in Small Teen Bigger World.

known as JazzShe appeared in a movie with her mother. Beef Burkett, He was also affected by dwarfism and died in it 2014. As mentioned by my friend on the blog Facebook Together they had: “She died after a lifelong battle with a very serious mental illness.”

She is the most amazing human that has ever walked the planet, she is the strongest, funniest, kindest, and respectful person I have ever known.

“I am really broken. You changed my life forever and it will never be the same again.”

In mourning on TV, Yasmine Burkett died: She was the star of reality shows

Yasmine Burkett
Yasmine Burkett (Photo: Facebook)

In recent years, Jasmine and Louis have been documenting their lifestyle on social media, living in a tent Bodlwedan with their dog loki.

provided on their blog page, “Join Our Journey”is reading: “We are a disabled couple living in an outdoor tent in the UK. While this wasn’t really our first choice, we were still determined to stay happy and productive all the time!!.”

The couple recently bought one mobile home And they repaired it. They also ran an online store where they sold some artwork and clothes.

Their dream was to find land to buy for Create a farm and live completely self-sufficient. unfortunately now Louis Burke He will have to carry out these wonderful purposes on his own, without his help Yasmine.

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