New HUAWEI 2022 Decoding. FreeBuds pro 2, Matebook e..1 COOL! – Andrea Galeazzi

It won’t be Friday, but thanks to Huawei today, it’s a new day for news! FreeBuds Pro 2, top of the line headphones, MatePad Paper, very interesting e-ink tablet arrives in Italy and also two laptops with new 12th generation Intel processors arrive.

MatePad Paper

Let’s start with the most specific product in this preview, which is MatePad Paper. Calling it an e-book reader would be too simplistic because the display technology is, but it’s actually using a tablet 10.3″ with Precision From 1,872 x 1,404 pixels, with 2 speakers and in good health 4 microphones. I find it perfect for the students For example, who can take notes comfortably using the apps available in the Huawei App Gallery by pen writing and through audio recordings.

The Weight Based on 360 grams and your fish 5 mm, so it is also quite portable, OS is HarmonyOS and..yes I will try it and let you know! for him price Based on 499 euros.

FreeBuds 2 Pro

subordinate FreeBuds 2 Pro We’ve already talked about it, it’s about true wireless headphones This promise very much. They are actually equipped double driver, One is 11mm for the bases and the second, which will actually be a flat woofer, for the mid and high-end are Huawei headphones with a feature. Domain On a larger scale, it ranges from 14 Hz to 48 kHz.

They also have Active Noise CancellationIt is smart and equipped with a special mode to isolate us from noise during air travel, the microphones are three and equipped with sensors to go to calibrate and balance according to our ear canal.

independence must be between 4.5 and the 6 hours Based on Active Noise Cancellation or less and the case promises at least three counts. The price Based on 199 euros.

Of course I will give them a try too and the full review will arrive!

MateBook D16 and 16S

I have always liked Huawei PCs a lot for their value for money which is why I will be trying these two soon as well.

Matebook D16 It’s the new 16 in 16:10 version of the slightly cheaper line, it comes with all-new 12th Gen Intel processors and is made of aluminum with no cutouts in the materials, not even for the antennas. Then we find a backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad as well.

Presentation is a file IPS LCD in 16:10 of the decision High accuracy (142 pixels per inch) and brightness 300 net.

The Treatments I specificallyIntel Core i5-1245H and theIntel Core i7 12700H with 8 or 16 GB From RAM And the 512 GB From SSD NVMe.

there the battery it’s a 60 watts and recharges a 65 watts Via USB-C, they are two and one of them is also a DisplayPort.

the prices? Starts from 999 euros.

MateBook 16S It’s very similar but here maybe the Intel Core i9 will arrive in addition to the i7 and we find the speakers placed on either side of the keyboard, and there is no numeric keypad after that.

where stand out in Show, a 16 inch 3: 2 But with the decision 2.5 K, Better contrast and factory calibration to always maintain high accuracy, even with active eye protection. Let’s talk about deltaE less than 1.

there the battery In this case it is one 84 watts And in the package we always find a USB-C power supply but from 90 watts.

there saving doors It consists of 2 PC’s of HDMI, an audio jack, 2 X USB-A and 2 X USB-C which should be Thunderbolt in the 16S too, I’ll tell you for sure during the full review!

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