No announcement of today’s date, says Wicked –

Today, June 30, 2022, according to rumors, should be a dayRelease date announcement From God of War Ragnarok. Now, however, comes an opposite claim from Jason Schreyer, a Bloomberg reporter and insider. According to him, recent information shared by Cory Barlog suggests that won’t be the case.

As you can read above, Jason Schreyer He tweeted, “Regarding Ragnarok’s God of War rumors: Until recently, there were already plans to announce a release date set for June 30, according to people familiar with the project. Cory Barlog’s recent tweets suggest that won’t happen. As far as I know, the match was not postponed again.”

The tweets Schreick references the following, with Barlog asking players to be patient. He doesn’t directly mention God of War Ragnarok, but he’s clearly referring to that game.

But let’s say the most important thing for the players now is Schreier’s “confirmation” about Exit date: This delay in advertising should not mean that the match has been postponed.

also Cory Barlog, as you can see below, states that the release date has not been pushed back. It’s possible that Santa Monica is packing a new trailer to announce the release date and so work on it is finished: Maybe the announcement was just delayed a bit, or Sony decided to make a real run case. Dedicated, at the last second, and prefer to spend a little more time organizing them.

Now they are all speculation. There was nothing left to do but wait for the official information.

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