Nobody knows, but eating these foods will prevent mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the least fun part of summer, in fact they take advantage of summer to come back to create some headaches. Mosquitoes suck blood through strange mouth parts found only in the female type.

In fact, only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood. In fact, the blood contains those nutrients that are necessary for the proper growth of eggs. Male mosquitoes feed only on plant matter, do not have the typical mouth apparatus of females and play a role similar to that of many other insects such as bees, pollinators.

It is the substances in the hose that then set off an allergic reaction in our body that makes us feel this annoying itch and creates this bump in the area where the sting itself occurred. there

Saliva itself is also the driver of major diseases that mosquitoes infect humans such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, and many more. Bacteria that are punished by these diseases can remain in the mosquito’s stomach for a long time and then be inoculated into the infected person at the next bite.

Nobody knows, but eating these foods will prevent mosquitoes

To combat mosquitoes, there are many products like insect repellents, but there are also foods that can help us keep these insects away. Basil, lavender, mint, these aromatic herbs are great for keeping mosquitoes away.

If eaten, it causes our bodies to emit an unpleasant smell of mosquitoes through the skin. In addition, grapefruit is one of the best mosquito repellent foods. Eaten naturally or in juice form, grapefruit contains a natural substance with strong insecticidal power, noukatone.

Finally, if you like black pepper, add it to your dishes, obviously without overdoing it, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. This food contains a substance called acylpipedrine that is expelled with sweat and defends us from annoying stings.

To find their victims, these small animals follow the smell of lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia, which are excreted with sweat, both during physical exertion and when body temperature rises. Therefore, a correct diet can help us solve the mosquito problem.

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