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Orange Blossoms by singer-songwriter Paola Torci and Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-partner, Francesca Pascal. The ritual will be celebrated on Saturday 2 July in the municipality of Montalcino (Siena) while the evening festivities will take place in the castle of Vilona, ​​the always dreaming place in the heart of Val d’Orcia. The bond of love between the two women, the 57-year-old singer and 36-year-old Pascal, made official by publishing a picture on a yacht in a weekly magazine a few months after the split from Berlusconi. According to what is known, the couple would have required the utmost secrecy in the wedding which should be celebrated in an intimate manner and reserved for a few guests.

Sentinelli: “Civil Union of Pascal and Turki, best wishes!”
Paola Turci broke down in tears after a demonstration in Milan for the Zan bill: This is the photo that Luca Palladini, spokesman for the Sentinelli of Milan, the association that campaigns for civil rights, gay, bisexual, transgender and advocating civil unions, posted on Saturday 2 July Musical with Francesca Pascal. “She had just come off the stage. She was trembling, she was excited. It was the first time that she and her partner had participated in a civil rights demonstration. I was struck – writes Paladini – with these feelings for someone who used to perform big plays and audiences. It was clear. That in those Arena was playing a bigger role. On Saturday he will team up with Francesca Civic and we know he won’t stop being side by side with the LGBT+ community because the battles are just beginning. Best wishes!” Also on the association’s Facebook profile there is a photo of Torcy and Pascal. With an underline: “Words are important, said that fellow. They are also important for news like this. There will be no wedding on Saturday, because all that this country has given us so far is called civil union. And that’s another thing. One thing is less valuable. Still Equality based marriage is a battle between vigilantes and the entire LGBT+ community. And it truly remains a conquest. In the meantime, best wishes to Paola and Francesca”

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