PIEVE Turnaround for Conbipel Series, Save the Thirty Factors

PIEVE Turnaround for Conbipel Series, Save the Thirty Factors

Conbipel Center in Bivey

After the long crisis comes the purchase process by an English company

After the long crisis, Conbipel changed ownership, but preserves the brand and employees. The company, which was in exceptional management, was auctioned off by London-based Eapparels, which is part of Singapore’s Grow Capital Global fund. The procedures are being completed, and the move should lead to the closure of some stores in Italy, and the handover of another 21 stores to another apparel and sporting goods company, JD Sports, over the next few months.

The Pieve Shopping Center, which employs more than 30 employees, will maintain the brand and the entire workforce. Salary levels earned for employees will be recognized, including any past dues and organizations accrued to date. Thus, the transition will be painless and in fact in complete continuity. “The issue is being dealt with at a national level, procedures are underway these days, but we are moving towards a solution that, for Lodi, will keep the brand and staff unchanged, and generally protect the vast majority of employees – says Sarah Mangoni, by Visakat Cecil Pavia and Lodi -. These days we are waiting for news of the final agreements.”

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