Putin: Russia is open to dialogue on stability and disarmament – Europe

“Russia Open to dialogue on global strategic stability, disarmament and tradeRussian President Vladimir Putin said, adding, according to TASS, that Moscow would “try to make the world more democratic.” attempts to replace law with dictates,” claiming that they “contradict the view that existing international laws should be repealed.” The multipolar world order is evolving in a global sense – he added – and the process is irreversible.”

“Kyiv’s actions in the Donbass are genocide”, The Russian president also noted that Ukraine’s actions in that region “can only be defined as a crime against humanity.”

The Russian president also attacked the leaders of the Group of Seven, and the dispatcher replayed the satirical jokes staged at Elmau Castle. “With jackets? Without them? Do we take off our coats? We have to prove that we are stronger than Putin,” the British prime minister joked. Boris Johnson Before the usual pictures with Al-Kindi Justin Trudeau Ready to relaunch: “Let’s do a topless ride show.”

“They have a backbone, and they will definitely succeed in their intentions, but They have to work harder on themselvesPutin said “I don’t know how far they wanted to undress, to the waist or down, but I think it would have been disgusting anyway.”said the Russian President in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Quoting Pushkin, “You can be an entrepreneur and think about the beauty of your nails,” Putin said he believes in “mental and physical harmony. But for this one should not overdo it with alcohol and other bad habits, start doing exercises and sports.” He concluded poisonously that these G7 “are real leaders, they have a backbone, but they have to work more on themselves. And the fact that they are talking about it is still positive.”

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