Putman: Newcastle? It looked better than Milan, I really wanted English in January’ | first page

I have long dealt with Milanbut in the end Sven Putman Go to Newcastle. The former Lille defender spoke to de Telegraaf His choice explained: “In the end, Newcastle’s ambitious plan along with playing in the Premier League was the deciding factor. I have dreamed of playing in the Premier League all my life. Milan also gave me good feelings, but Newcastle looked a little better in the end. Football in England is different than in France, everything revolves around football. I’m not a famous player, but on the street they recognized me and wanted to talk to me. The fans welcomed me warmly at the stadium and the training center as well, and I wasn’t used to that.

Putman continues:I wanted to move to Newcastle early in JanuaryBecause trains like this only pass once, I know it’s just a cliché but that’s how it is. For me, Newcastle was a great opportunity, but the club wanted to keep me. In the end I was able to say goodbye to Lille the right way, the club deserved it. Staying was definitely not a punishment, because I knew two great matches with Chelsea were on the way to the Champions League.”

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