Ragnarok, postpone the announcement of the date but limited editions appear – Nerd4.life

Advertising with Exit date From God of War: RagnarokExpected for today, looks like it was DelayedThe leak, Tom Henderson noted. However, some details about the game are still being verified, in which case the first information about limited editions.

You know, in the past few hours, Cory Barlog has been asking players to be patient with any updates regarding the launch of God of War: Ragnarok, but the PlayStation game’s volume profile indicates that something has moved up the front of the PS Store for the game, suggesting that Today’s announcement will likely arrive.

Henderson said he couldn’t confirm the rumors he had, but indicated thatNovember 11 As a possible release date for the new chapter of the Santa Monica Studio series. An important day, as it should have been Starfield’s debut.

Having said that, the leaker was in any case able to offer something to his fans, specifically the first information on the limited editions of God of War: Ragnarok, which looks like it will be two: Gutnar Edition and the college version.

The Jotnar version will include a file 1:1 replica of Mjolnir hammer From ox and a copy of the game, while the collectors edition in addition to the hammer and the game will also offer a world map, badges, and other items.

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