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The former Formula 1 patron defends the Russian president: “In the war he does what he sees fit for his country, he is a decent person”

Following Nelson Piquet’s affair with Lewis Hamilton’s insults and subsequent apologies, another former caused a serious embarrassment in Formula 1. Bernie EcclestoneThis is not the first time this has happened, the old patron of the circus – always accustomed to provocations – has expressed his support for Putin.

Speaking of “Britain Good Morning” eve British Grand Prix at Silverstone, He said he stands by the Russian President on the issue of the conflict in Ukraine. “I’m still willing to take a bullet for him, I’d rather he didn’t hurt me, but I’d be willing to put up with it.” Ecclestone, 91, had already praised Putin for his leadership skills in the past, and the Russian Grand Prix – which was scrapped after the outbreak of war – was introduced under his administration. “In terms of the war he is doing what he thinks is right for his country, he is a decent person,” he added, then blamed the Ukrainian prime minister for the main responsibilities for the conflict. Zelensky. Ecclestone then compared the Russian invasion to other US operations in foreign countries: “They like wars because they have to sell their weapons.”

He also spoke of the case of Pique: “He did not want to offend anyone, this is his way of expressing himself, I have known him all his life and he has angered many without wanting to. The relationship exploded only because he is the father of Verstappen’s girlfriend. Although Ecclestone no longer has any operational mission or contact with Formula 1, Liberty Media He responded to the elderly president with the remark: “His opinions are personal, and they contrast sharply with modern mathematical attitudes and values.” If Ecclestone is no longer directly involved in F1, the young wife Fabiana Flosi Instead, she had a leadership role in the FIA. In the last elections she was appointed Vice President of South America.

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