Renovation signed –

From Monica Colombo and Carlos Passerini

An agreement was found between the managers and the company: contracts expire today, June 30. Maldini: Everything is fine, we renewed at the last minute, happy to plan for a successful future

agreement there. At the last breath, time almost ran out, certainly at an obvious delay compared to what could and should have been done, but what matters is that an agreement was finally found. The story continues: Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara Sign, during the night the stamp of Milan will also arrive: they will continue as technical director and sporting director respectively. The official announcement will come in the next few hours, perhaps after the council’s ratificationBut there is no longer any doubt: a two-year agreement with an option for a third with an increase in salary. Everything was fine, at the last minute we renewed – Maldini assured us to leave the building -. We are so glad to be here and planning for an ever successful future. What will Milan look like? To see now, there is time. We started a little late but we’ll make up for it. I’m very happy, even if you don’t see it.

The past two days have been frantic, and a race against time: on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, podium owner Jerry Cardinale sent the last draft to the two from the US, checked by lawyers yesterday. In the evening, finally, the square. If the prolonged impasse was caused by Maldini’s demand for more autonomy, let’s assume that a solution that satisfies everyone is found. One thing is for sure: Maldini will still have to answer the general manager, who will be Ivan Gazidis until December. Therefore, the organizational structure has not changed. After all, winning the championship proves that the operational strategy was correct.

Happy ending? no that is. It wasn’t supposed to get that far, and all that waiting definitely didn’t help. On Thursday, as Maldini entertained himself on the fourth floor of Casa Milan to work out the final details, his right arm Massara arrived at Rimini to open the transfer market. It’s like saying: we’ve already wasted enough time. Very true: Inter and Juventus are already ahead of the promotion campaign, and now Milan must make up for lost time. Something is already moving: it turns out that Dybala’s entourage is now ready to call Milan Officially after the first elections in recent days. Other targets for the attack include Asensio of Real and Di Kitilari of Brugge and Zich from Chelsea, as Origi has already arrived from Liverpool.

Forty days after the Scudetto party, it’s time to look forward. Like the fans, the team also lived through these weeks of uncertainty with apprehension. The two meet in Milanello: Maldini and Massara will be there and that’s good for the devil. Because if winning is difficult, it will be even more difficult to confirm.

30 June 2022 (change on 30 June 2022 | 23:19)

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