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Russian forces on Snake Island (located in the Black Sea 35 km east of the mouth of the Danube and occupied by the Russians at the beginning of the conflict) retreated by fleeing on Raptor patrol boats. The last Ukrainian bombings, conducted at night, destroyed the existing anti-aircraft systems (TOR and PANTSIR), in what could be considered an effective operation against A2 / AD (although the Russian “bubble” was only anti-aircraft in character due to the lack of coastal defense batteries ). After months of battle for control of the island, the Ukrainians seem to be winning, also thanks to NATO support at the ISR level, which is absolutely essential, and for the supply of HARPOON anti-ship missiles, multi-tube howitzers and rocket launchers: HIMARS, CEASAR, M-777, etc. It is also a victory for NATO, which thus sees the removal of a threat to the strategic Roman port of Constanta, and a setback for the Russians who see themselves as having definitively lost the possibility of intercepting that extension from the sea and/or landing in Bessarabia to “liberate” the peacekeepers that Moscow deploys in Transnistria. At this stage, it will be necessary to find out whether the Ukrainians will be able to implement a “anti-bubble”, deploy anti-aircraft systems and coastal defense batteries on the island. The story of Snake Island aims to create a school for the Indo-Pacific theater, where the implementation of A2 / AD bubbles characterizes the Chinese strategy in the field.

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