Rome opens on loan with commitment on Zaniolo

The Giallorossi do not want counterparts, but they are willing to negotiate. Kimpembe’s defense idea, almost made for Cambiaso

Yves Yahya Bernardeschi: “Thank you for everything”
“Juventus and Federico Bernardeschi’s paths parted after five seasons. They separated after winning together 3 Scudetti, 2 Italian Cups and the Italian Super Cup twice. European champion with Italy last summer, Federico left the colors of our team without ever lacking commitment and seriousness. And the numbers also make it clear: in all His years in Turin, he’s always had at least 30 appearances, considering all the competitions.A simple fact that shows, however, just how resilient they are, it’s been an important added value.Going into more detail: Total number of appearances with Juventus is 183, backed by 12 goals and 20 assists, for a total of 8,735 minutes played in these five years.Since his arrival, from the 2017/18 season as a striker, Federico has played 134 Serie A: among the Juventus players in that period only Cuadrado (135 Alex Sandro (140) and Dybala (145). The chapter is written together, and as always happens in these cases, we thank you, Federico, and good luck for the future.”

Greetings from Juve Morata: “Thank you”
Alvaro Morata’s adventure in Juventus ended, the Spanish striker, loaned from Atletico Madrid in the past two seasons, is reviving the colors of the Bianconeri for the second time. The link between Alvaro and Juventus was born many years ago and the experiences lived together, which led to two championships, an Italian Cup and a Super Cup, as well as the trip to the Champions League final in Berlin in 2015, making it so solid that it did not break even when the roads parted for the first time. It was June 21, 2016, but that greeting that could have sounded like a goodbye was nothing more than a goodbye. And so, four years later, Alvaro’s second adventure with Juventus began. We are greeted by a boy with a future to be written, a man who has returned many experiences on his shoulders to Turin, and is ready to embrace a past that never forgot to live another unforgettable moments. The second season ends with Juventus. With twenty goals in all competitions and two more cups together: the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup. With Alvaro giving his best in every game, in every training session, with the will to help the team at any time. Is that what we also saw this year, scoring twelve more goals and, in total, reaching a height of fifty-nine with the Juventus shirt. The latter will remain the one who scored at Allianz Stadium against Lazio last May 16 in his last appearance in the black and white shirt. Good luck in your future, Alvaro. And thanks for everything! “.

Juventus officially said goodbye to Paulo Dybala in a long message posted on the club’s website. “He arrived that he was a young and talented promise, and now he salutes Juventus, bringing with him a wealth of experiences that made him the champion; Paulo Dybala’s career will in fact continue far from Turin. It was said, it is baggage. It was built together in these seven years. The baggage for Paulo consists of 293 Appearances, 115 goals, 45 assists and 12 trophies. The numbers, which, if analyzed, tell us many things: for example, Paulo occupies the ninth place in all – time in the ranking of the top scorers in the history of Juventus, given all competitions; he is the tenth best Top scorer in Serie A, Juventus’ third all-time top scorer in Europe, with 18 goals in the Champions League.And again speaking of goals, Ulan: Dybala is the player who scored several times (68) at the Allianz Stadium, considering all The competitions and he is the Juventus player who has scored the most goals from outside the box (25) in Serie A. Not only about goals and food replays, but from great plays, unforgettable nights, and performances of absolute quality. And for all that we will always thank him. Happy, really, my suerte, Joya!”, Messenger e.

Zaniolo Rome opens for loan with commitment
Juventus continues to put pressure on Nicolo Zaniolo. Having said that Rome is not ready to accept its technical counterparts, the Giallorossi is still willing to negotiate the sale. Even with a cumbersome loan formula with a redemption obligation, with no deviation from a total amount of about 50 million euros.

DYBALA WOULD HAVE CONTACTED LA JUVE to Return. Dybala had called Logoff to come back
A resounding rumor arrives at Dybala. According to Telombardia, the Argentine’s entourage had contacted the Juventus administration to see if there was a possibility to negotiate a new agreement and return to Turin. Given the stalemate in negotiations with Inter and the lack of real alternative offers, Goya is considering signing a new contract with the Bianconeri, with figures much lower than those negotiated months ago. Moreover, Dybala is also considering changing agents, replacing Anton with an Italian prosecutor to reopen the deal from scratch.

PSG’s Kimbebe idea at farewell D-Lite event
At Juventus, another name for the defense appears in the event that de Ligt leaves. This is Presnel Kimpembe from Paris Saint-Germain. Gianluca Di Marzio reported it to Sky Sport. The French player of Congolese origin is leaving the Parisian club despite the expiration of his contract on June 30, 2024.

Changed in one step, fall towards Genoa
Negotiations to bring Andrea Cambiasso from Genoa to Juventus are now over: the 2000 class winger is worth around €10m, but Juventus should be able to include Radu Dragosin, worth €6m, in the deal, and complete the process with a cash adjustment of €4m.

Akanji, the alternative to Koulibaly
With de Ligt gone, Juventus are looking for a top-ranked defender. The favorite is Coulibaly, but in addition to dealing with Napoli, the Bianconeri will have to persuade the Senegalese to “betray” the blues. It is not easy. For this purpose, other paths are explored and one of them leads to Manuel Akanji from Borussia Dortmund. It is worth 30 million euros, but it will expire in a year and can be sold for a lower price.

For DE LIGT, the width is not correct
Matthijs de Ligt is increasingly distant from Juventus. At the moment, the right offer for the Dutch defender has yet to arrive, with Chelsea and Manchester City certainly interested in the former Ajax. In Turin, they only want cash, but it is unlikely that it will reach the 120 million euros that the material expects. However, getting close to a hundred is what Juventus are striving for.

It’s again for Kostik
Juventus decided to bet hard on Philippe Costek. At the moment, the Bianconeri and Enitracht Frankfurt are split by 5 million euros, but the goal is to reach an agreement.

As for Di Maria, we’re almost there
We are now in the bureaucratic details of seeing Angel Di Maria in Italy. The Bianconeri and Fideo’s agent, Lisandro Pirosanto, determine the arrival of the Argentine, who could arrive in Italy over the weekend.

Don’t give up on ZANIOLO
Nicolo Zanilo continues his presence against Juventus. At the moment there is no agreement with Roma: the Giallorossi aims to get 50 million euros in cash, and the lady would like to reduce the cost by introducing a technical counterpart, with Arthur above all.

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