Salami or mortadella? Here’s what to choose in the summer for your health

Better salami or mortadella? It is the summer doubt that is dominating Italians in this hot season of 2022. As they say, there is nothing better than saving your favorite foods at home. However, as most people know, great comfort leads to weight gain.

In other words, if you want to eat a balanced diet, it is probably best to replace salami or mortadella with something lighter and healthier. When it comes to Italian cured meats, the debate is always raging. Cured meat is highly regarded for its high quality and ease of use.

On the other hand, what could be better than eating a stuffed sandwich especially during the summer? The meal is quick and easy to prepare, it is able to fill you up at the right point and if it is eaten with a portion of fresh vegetables it allows to have a balanced meal. But it can not be consumed every day! Inside the processed meat there are other substances, such as nitrites and nitrates, which are not a panacea for our health.

Better salami or mortadella?

The most obvious answer is: it depends on taste. Nutritionally speaking, the answer, on the other hand, is a shout out for PGI’s Mortadella di Bologna. Salami is made from pork, even if it rarely contains guinea or duck fat. Mortadella is also made from pork but it consists of two separate parts, a little fat and fat, which are then added together.

Of the two specialties, mortadella slices are the least fat. But those who love salami do not agree and do not want to give up its special taste. In fact, the choice depends more on a matter of taste than health because both cannot be eaten very often. Salami or mortadella should be eaten once or twice a week maximum.

The debate over salami or mortadella is very old and mainly related to competition between regions. Salami and, in particular, “sopressa” is a typical Venetian dish while mortadella is part of the Bologna tradition. Both products are excellent in terms of meat quality and the return of flavours.

But if we look at meat from a health point of view, we discover that mortadella is much lighter and has a higher micronutrient presence. Instead, the protein intake is nearly identical and thus makes cured meats suitable dishes for those who need to introduce this type of macronutrient.

The disturbing presence of both cured meats, salami or mortadella, is the presence of nitrites and nitrates. Both are necessary for the preservation of meat and also give a delicate dark shade, but when they enter our metabolic system they turn into harmful substances. Therefore, the green light to consume both salami and mortadella but always with certain awareness and thoughtful moderation.

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