Sales day for European markets

(Teleborsa) – Negative session for the markets of the old continentin line with the Milan Stock Exchange, which is moving in red.

There is no significant change inEuro / US dollar, which is trading on the eve of 1.044. L ‘He went He is keeping his position largely stable at $1,816.3 an ounce. Oil (Light Crude Oil) continued the session just below the level with a negative change of 0.43%.

Little Spreadwhich is set at +191 basis points, with a shy of 3 basis points increment, with a 10-year BTP yield equal to 3.35%.

Among the European menus manual sales Frankfurtwhich suffers a decline of 2.36%, poor performance of LondonWhich records a decline of 1.74% and a black session for Pariswhich leaves a loss of 2.05% on the table.

A rain of sales on the Milan price list, which is trading down a significant 1.90%; On the same line, the FTSE Italia All-ShareWhich continues the session at 23.435 points.

decline FTSE Italia medium hat (-1.43%); well, negative The star of FTSE Italia (-1.34%).

They go down or lose the ground All “Milan Blue Chips”.

Show the strongest sales in SaipemWhich continues to trade at -8.30%.

negative performance of Unicreditwhich decreased by 4.25%.

Intesa San Paulo It decreases by 3.60%.

refused to Banco BPM Bankwhich represents -3.5%.

Among the Ansar From FTSE MidCap, Rai Road (+0.99%), bf (+ 0.84%) e drums (+0.54%).

On the other hand, the strongest falls occur SarasWhich continues the session by -3.51%.

under pressure Banca Popolare di SondrioWith a sharp drop of 2.94%.

Suffers doValueWhich shows a loss of 2.83%.

sellers prey MBS Banka decrease of 2.69%.

within Macroeconomic appointments Which will have the greatest impact on market trends:

Thursday 06/30/2022
01:50 Japan: Industrial Production, MoM (Expected -0.3%; Previously -1.5%)
08:00 Germany: Retail Sales, Annual (Expected -2%; Previous -0.4%)
08:00 Germany: Monthly Retail Sales (expected 0.5%; previous -5.4%)
08:00 United kingdom: GDP, QoQ (expected 0.8%; previous 1.3%)
08:45 France: Production prices, per month (prev. 0%)
08:45 France: Consumer Prices, Annual (prev. 5.2%)
08:45 France: monthly consumer prices (expected 0.7%; previous 0.7%).

(Teleborsa) 30-06-2022 09:30

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