Skull & Bones, exited by ‘government agreements’, reports –

skull bones It should finally arrive this year after a very long and complex upbringing, but it seems the game is not in perfect shape yet forced out From “Government Agreements” Which Ubisoft could have dealt with Singapore To create and publish the title.

This is what the great reporter said Ethan Jache from Kotakuwho reported that the development of Skull & Bones was supported at least in part by A financial support Provided by the Singapore government, which is kind of a sponsor of the game that, at this point, you want to see come to market. The very constitution of Ubisoft Singapore appears to be strongly linked to economic and political issues, so there will be something big at stake in this project.

This will be the main reason for Skull & Bones to be released in 2022 rather than further delayed, although some problems persist and developers may need more time to be able to fix everything.

The release date leaked in recent days, or November 8, 2022, appears to be the correct date, but Skull & Bones still has many more. Problemsso much so that tests that were scheduled for this period were canceled due to the poor condition of the existing construction, again according to Gach’s obscure sources.

In any case, the game is expected to receive a new presentation in July, so we will see in more detail what the situation is. Introduced in 2017, Skull & Bones has gone through several issues that have led to numerous reboots and cancellations until the release which is supposed to be final, likely to come this year.

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