Superbonus: Government proposes a broader credit transfer

Banks and subsidiaries of banking groups may “always allocate credit to subjects that do not fall within the definition of consumers or users”, who “conclude a current account contract with the same remitting bank”: the amendment to the Decree provides for such assistance in the transfer of credits from the Superbonus deposited by the Government, namely Under discussion in the Chamber’s Budget and Finance Committees which will now be able to introduce subsidiary amendments.

The amendment, as stated in the explanatory report, “goes beyond” the legislative decree of May 17, 2022, according to which banks can only sell to “professional clients.”

The Banking Committee begins an investigation into the dispositions

In the meantime, the Banking Commission launched an investigation into the allocation of construction bonus credits. “After receiving numerous reports and complaints, – a note reads – the office of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Banking and Financial System decided to send a questionnaire to national banks with the main task of verifying the functioning of the Italian banking system. The fact-finding investigation launched relates to the appropriations related to the Superbonus 110% and other bonuses subject to regulations that have followed each other in recent years.”

Confartigianato: 47,000 places lost with 5.2 billion credits left off

With €5,175 million stuck in corporate tax drawers – of which 3,684 million (71.2%) are for the Super Grant and 1,491 million (28.8%) for other construction bonuses – not recovering it would cost 46,912 SME employees lost. filigree; companies.” This is the “complaint” submitted by Confartigianato that calculated the impact on employment in the construction of the balance transfer block. Accordingly, “the increase in employment created in the construction sector in the last year will decrease by 40%.” President Marco Granelli said: It is paradoxical and self-defeating.”

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