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Wednesday 29 June 2022 – 15:16

Starting today, two entire floors of the historic building of Svs on Via San Giovanni have been dedicated to the Polo della Salute. The Chronicity Clinic is opened thanks to the voluntary collaboration of three expert physicians (Roberto Pegazzi, Stefano Bianchi and Marco Gunilla). For appointments: 0586 896040 ext. 1 or

The years of the epidemic have made it clear how much it is necessary to strengthen the space allocated to health, social and health services in the territory both in structures and at home by those who, among the subjects of the third sector and the social community. The private sector is already operating in the system in cooperation and certainly not in competition with regional health services and with ASLs. From the increase in needs in recent years and from the same demands from citizens, it was necessary for SVS to consider in order to enhance the offer of services and designated spaces Health Center, as well as related household chores. From here I was born The idea of ​​​​the complete renovation of the third round of Via San Giovanni, 30. A new investment dedicated to the health of the residents of Livorno, for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. In fact, from today, two entire floors of the historic building of Svs in Via San Giovanni have been dedicated to the outpatient clinic which has been enriched over time with new professionals. Once the works are completed, this important third floor extension has already been awarded the quality approval of Tuscany region Like every primary outpatient building, it is connected and accessible from the second floor, the historic site of the Polo, through the few stairs within itself. health facility, or by using the elevator. Here, three large new clinics and a fully renovated physiotherapy have been organized as well as finding new space and furniture, antechamber, changing rooms and bathrooms for all Polo operators. Among the clinics, one will be allocated for the first year toChronic Diseases Outpatient Clinic (to which Svs has devoted a separate paragraph which we present below), a project that arises precisely from the analysis of the needs and demands of citizens and which aspires to gradually become a point of reference and exchange with both general practitioners and practicing physicians. With ASL structures in the region, as an additional support the health system in our land.

Chronic Diseases Outpatient Clinic
The project will be offered for one year by SVS thanks to the voluntary cooperation of three experienced doctors (Roberto PegasiAnd the Stefano Bianchi And the Marco Gunilla) in this regard and in cooperation with Polo della Salute Svs which provides premises, nursing staff, staff for appointments and equipment for project management with a single contribution of €36.00 only by reimbursing the expenses of the structure costs. Appointments can be booked, according to the schedule of specialists, from July to 0586-896040 Internal 1 or directly on the portal, by contacting the website There will be three days a week (one day each) where the former primary will be available to patients.
The project aims to contribute to improving health protection for people suffering from chronic diseases. The project will gradually adopt the management of chronic diseases related to cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic rheumatic diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, and take the first step in the management of chronic renal failure and co-morbidities starting with arterial hypertension as a free pilot project. Chronic kidney disease is characterized by three peculiar and at the same time paradoxical aspects:

1. It is a common disease with high health costs, but there is still a general lack of awareness of its importance and the risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

2. It is a disease with a high risk of morbidity and death, but which is not adequately diagnosed; In particular, of particular interest is the recent observation that, worldwide, the mortality rate associated with this disease in the past two decades has nearly doubled, with the increase in mortality rates ranking third after those observed for HIV/AIDS and AIDS. diabetes mellitus;

3. Although the progression of kidney disease and associated cardiovascular risks are likely to improve significantly with treatment, chronic kidney disease (and associated arterial hypertension) remains an untreated disease to this day.

More than half of chronic kidney patients suffer from high blood pressure and

High blood pressure can contribute to the development of nephropathy.

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease.

Carefully following treatment and keeping your blood pressure under control can help prevent these complications.

These characteristics require a multidisciplinary approach to chronic kidney disease with the primary participation of general practitioners, nephrologists, cardiologists and experts in arterial hypertension in order to plan effective strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this disease. To this end, there is a need to establish a reference center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease and its comorbidities for the territory of the city of Livorno and its province. This activity, which aims to propose effective collaboration between the public and private sectors, will be coordinated by a team of nephrologists and hypertension experts affiliated with the SVS Health Centre.

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