Tax day June 30th with 61 payments due and no extension in sight

today 30 June 2022 There is a traffic jam tax dateswith Ben 61 batch to be implemented. Despite numerous requests from the National Council of Certified Public Accountants extension From these appointments hope seems increasingly elusive, unless a law statement arrives from the Economy Ministry at the last minute.

Payments must be made by today Income tax, and thus personal income tax, IRES, IRAP, but also the dry coupon and value-added tax. There is also the possibility Pay in installmentsBut in this case the amounts increase by 0.40%.

Tax deadlines, last call to cashiers to make 61 payments today June 30

final date 30 June 2022 related to payment balance 2021 Born in First batch 2022 subordinate Income taxSo:

Also a day is tax withholding On commissions paid in 2021 and on income from self-employment completed in 2021.

It must then be paid VAT balance 2021 Resulting from the annual return, plus the settlement and payment of VAT for purchases within the community registered in May (this fulfillment is due to non-commercial entities and exempt farmers).

However, we remind you that it is possible to pay taxes in installments according to the following calendar:

installment Pay Interests % Pay Interests
% 1 June 30 July 30
2 July 16 0.18 August 20
0.18 3 August 20 0.51 September 16
0.51 4 September 16 0.84 October 16
0.84 5 October 16 1.17 November 16
1.17 6 November 16 1.50

In this case, the amount to be paid in installments should be increased by 0.40%.

Financial deadlines July 2022: the most important dates to be scheduled in the calendar Tax deadline June 30, 2022: What happened to the extension? The past few years, thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, have seen an uninterrupted succession of tax deadline extensions. The June 30 date, which was very scary and marked in red on the VAT match calendar, was also the protagonist. nested extensions (Employees and retirees paid last year on time while Issa’s subjects and the total sums were good – so to speak – an extra 20 days)

And it arrives at the last minute

(Back in 2021, the deadline delay arrived via the Mef press release on the evening of June 29.) But this year, despite heartfelt pleas from the pros, the extension didn’t even come at the last minute (yet). However, between the health emergency and the economic crisis exacerbated by the increases due to the conflict in Ukraine, the extension was a breath of fresh air for the VAT numbers. However, it is precisely this scenario that will be the reason why Mef cannot afford the revenue imbalance.

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