Ten tips always useful to avoid the virus. The dangers of indifference

Omicron and the highly infectious Ba.5 variant resume running. Virologists agree: “Breaking the lines” (the remaining limitations are few and sometimes incomprehensible: yes on high-speed trains, no on planes) helps Omicron 5 spread to very alarming levels even if cases of severe complications. So? Caution and masks. Beware of crowded places and remember to wash your hands. Don’t underestimate the classic symptoms (from fever to headache to cough). Do it right: If you find out you’re injured (these days there’s a boom in “do-it-yourself” tampons) don’t ignore it by going to work or an evening of “football.” In short, the advice is always the same, and then reality presents different scenarios: from crowded clubs to concerts where the audience is only for concerts, despite any precautions. Hopefully the price to pay for “everything is free” doesn’t get too high.

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Omicron 5, don’t let your guard down

In other words, we will have to deal with Covid for a long time to come.

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How to avoid infection

1) Never without a mask indoors

Even if many cannot afford them and are no longer mandatory, masks are still very useful: the first advice is to continue to use them indoors. After vaccination, they remain one of the most effective protection systems, especially indoors. Not only does the risk of infection decrease, but even if you are exposed to the virus, the amount inhaled is reduced.

The circulation of Omicron Ba.5 rose to 13% in Italy, and at the beginning of May it was less than 0.5: it is an alarm

2) Mask on the means of transport

Until September 30 it remains mandatory in hospitals, RSAs, and on metros, trains, ships, and the NCC. On the other hand, the LP is not on the planes, surrounded by many contradictory brands.

3) The mask is also outdoors in big occasions

And if the advice is to keep the mask indoors, in fact it should be used even on large outdoor events. It’s time for concerts, gathering ceremonies, here it is recommended to use a mask even in these situations.

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4) Always clean hands

Moreover, we must not lose the healthy habit of washing our hands often. The ideal situation would be to use soap and water or even a cloth dampened with alcohol, but if this is not possible, a sanitizing gel is also fine.

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5) How to choose the building

Another tip to keep in mind is how to choose the places you want to go. Bars, discos, restaurants: choose a place that does not gather a large number of people, that disinfects tables and chairs after every change of customers and that always provides disinfectants.

6) Vaccine boosters are required

Vaccines remain the only way to reduce the risk of infection and should be done. According to the data still many Italians They did not conduct the third dose booster dose which is necessary instead. And even the weak, reluctant to call for vaccination, should take the fourth dose: only 17.2% of those over 80 did it. And given that in the fall there is talk of a new increase, the numbers are very low.

7) If in doubt, take a swab

Now it’s easy to find them and testing is the only way to make sure you haven’t contracted the virus and so don’t put people close to us at risk. Don’t be satisfied with the result of a single test to find the possible positive and negative.

8) Beware of mixed use of bottles and glasses

Avoid mixed use of bottles and glasses, especially while exercising.

9) Do not heal yourself

If symptoms appear, always contact your GP: with Covid and its variants, aspirin is not enough and it is not necessary, even harmful, to try to cure with antibiotics.

10) house cleanliness

Keep washing and disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with more people

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