“the desire is gone”

It’s not even two days until the reveal of the new trailer for Return to Monkey Island on the occasion of the Nintendo Direct Mini, Ron Gilbert He has a community ad.

After suffering severe negative reactions from part of the audience, which led to a real controversy over the graphic style of Return to Monkey Island, the legendary video game author decided to stop all communication related to the game. Between foolish comments and personal attacks, Ron Gilbert decided he would no longer provide any updates to the title through himself. special personal blogwho also decided to block the ability to comment on his posts.

Close comments. – Author books Back to Monkey IslandPeople are just mean and I had to delete comments that contain personal attacks. It’s a great game and everyone on the team is totally proud of it. Play it or don’t play it, but don’t spoil the experience for others. I will not post anything related to the game anymore. Gone are the desire to share informationTo echo Ron Gilbert’s decision was also Dominic armedthe voice of Guybrush, who emphasized the terrible climate that arose on the author’s blog.

Ron Gilbert’s return to action, a moment that was only supposed to bring joy to the video game community, was devastated by a part of the user, who was ready to bury a title before he had even had a chance to try it.

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