The old peasant way is a viral method that is full of health

There is a traditional technique that allows for a bountiful harvest, for the health of your garden, take a look at this ancient peasant method.

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There is a traditional technique that allows this bountiful harvestFor the health of your garden, take a look at this ancient peasant method. This is a method that became popular on social media, caught on for some time and instantly spread on the web. For a vegetable garden that is full of health and allows for a bountiful harvest, there is nothing better than following a few guidelines.

Growing vegetables in your garden is not difficult, just take some precautions. one among many sun watch. Plants should receive light and sunlight, but at certain times. For this reason, you need to place plants to grow in certain areas of your garden: areas that are bright in the coldest hours of the day, but protected from the wind.

The old method of the peasant ensures prosperity and health in the home garden

Garden health precautions
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Another viewpoint, really necessary, is soil cleaning. The land where the plants will be placed must be properly prepared. For this reason, all weeds should be removed with a hoe and a rake. The ideal terrain for having a good botanical garden is Clay. Not everyone is lucky enough to have it, but clay soil is soft, dry and provides plenty of oxygen to the roots. Also, to nourish plants and soil, we need to add manure.

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We can fertilize the soil in different ways, for example bone mealDerived from grinding animal droppings, it is highly nutritious. Then, We level the surface of the soil to prepare it to accommodate seedlings. To avoid problems, it is better to study how to grow vegetables and greens.

In fact, not everyone grows well together, so the secret is to place only similar plants close together, and able to mature well together. By the way, if plants grow together vigorously, they do too from the barrier against any parasites. You just need to leave enough space between one plant and another.

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We can choose between two different types of cultivation. Both are valid: Sowing and planting. However, like everything, these two methods of cultivation have their advantages and disadvantages. Seeds, for example, are very cheap and easy to manage, but they take time and conditions to grow. Not everyone is successful. On the other hand, seedlings will cost more, but will yield a faster harvest.

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