The price of gas at 149 euros, the German operator Uniper is asking for government assistance. OPEC increases crude oil production

OPEC + (the organization that brings together most major oil producers and also includes Russia) confirms an increase in production from 648 thousand barrels per day for the month in August. Delegates present at the meeting, reported by Bloomberg, said that production levels for September had not been discussed. Decision to raise production after continuous orders The United States and other western countries, It aims to try to contain the price increases also favored by the war in Ukraine. L ‘Kingdom Saudi ArabiaThe organization, the world’s second largest producer and heavyweight, agreed to raise crude oil on the market after initial resistance. Brent oil, which serves as a benchmark for European markets, is currently trading at $115 a barrel. In the first weeks of the war Oil exceeded $133. In the past month, prices have fallen by $4. For the first time in a month, the average price of petrol and diesel fell today. On the Italian network, the national average price of Gas In self-passed mode From 2.073 to 2.071 euros per liter (2.073 previous value). The average price of a self-charged diesel is 2.037 euros per liter (the previous figure is 2.039).

Alternatively new highs for gas that is now traded in the Amsterdam market At a price of 149 euros per megawatt-hour. Russia’s giant Gazprom has announced a temporary halt to its dividend, after announcing a 25% share loss on the Moscow Stock Exchange. German group UniperThe country’s largest buyer of Russian gas has raised the alarm about profits after lower flows from Russia. Public assistance is not excluded. German energy companies are putting pressure on the government to allow increases on home and business bills to be transferred. according to Tim Keeler, Head of the Natural Gas Industrial Group Zukunftfacilities ask for it The government imposes a tax on consumers So that companies can be compensated for the additional costs associated with replacing lost Russian gas flows. A liquidity crunch must be avoided. The additional burden must be shared by all consumers jointly.” Days before the German Economy Minister Robert Habeck talk about havingLehmann effect in an energy system.…if the losses become so great that it can no longer be sustained, the entire market is in danger of collapsing at some point.” The pipeline will be closed for “maintenance” on July 11 Nord Stream 1 Which transports Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea with a capacity of 30 billion cubic meters annually. The pipeline is expected to reopen after 10 days.

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