The wedding of Paola Tursi and Francesca Pascal in Tuscany on Saturday –

Two years after photos of their kiss on a yacht that confirmed they are together, orange blossom of singer-songwriter and ex-girlfriend Silvio Berlusconi

For a few years they have been chasing each other Affair rumors between the singer Paola Tursi Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-girlfriend Francesca Pascal.

Now is the time to say yes to an extension The wedding will be held in Tuscany Saturday 2 July which will take place in the municipality of Montalcino, followed by dinner at the Villona Castle.

The love story, which has never been confirmed or denied by interested parties, became public in August 2020 after weekly magazine OGGI published photos of their kiss, while they were on vacation on a yacht.

Four months ago, Pascal, 36, formalized his break with the leader of Forza Italia.

Torcy, 57, has never liked to intrude her privacy: In a recent interview with TODAY, she confined herself to explaining her aversion to gossip: I could devour that gossipInstead she refused to cover up, the money. My silence made it clear that you don’t have to say what you are.

A year ago, in Weekly F, he repeated that he feels Free to love whoever you wantHe said: I have no intention of being influenced by other people’s judgments and giving up the relationships I want with the people of my choice, explaining that he had been taken ill by him, as a kind of perseverance.

Therefore, on the social networks of the future newlyweds, there is no indication that the wedding should take place in restricted formOnly a few close friends.

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