Theories about the end of “Stranger Things”, to reach stomach

The first part of the fourth season of Weird things, one of the most successful TV series on Netflix since the platform’s existence, which tells the story of a group of children struggle with monsters and supernatural phenomena in an Indiana city in the eighties. The fourth season is also the last, but it is not made available in full immediately, as happens with most series on Netflix, but it is divided into two parts: seven episodes came out in May, and the first two will be released. . July, Friday.

Matt and Ross Dover, creators of the series, explained the decision by saying that the final two episodes had an “unprecedented” duration (respectively 90 minutes each and 150 minutes each) and that they did not want to delay the episode’s release. The first bets are waiting to be ready. The effect obtained – wanted or not – is that the late release of the season finale has given many fans time to discuss it online and post content on YouTube, Reddit and TikTok with the most divergent theories of what will happen.

Some of these theories are quite predictable, many viewers have probably already guessed, and others are more creative and point to small, seemingly insignificant details that fans of the series discovered in the frames of already released episodes or in the trailer. of the last two. Below we’ve picked out some of the most engaging, creative, and detailed hypotheses: Reading them before the end doesn’t risk ruining the view of the last two episodes, but it might make it even more exciting. We’ve ruled out theories pointing to unofficially released photos of the group that some readers might consider similar to spoilers.

* From now on, there is spoiler content in the first seven episodes of Season 4 released in May*

Brief summary of previous episodes
The fourth season of Weird things It begins about six months after the third season episodes. The youngest heroes start high school: Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Max (along with older friends Nancy, Steve and Robin) always live in the same city, Hawkins, where all the supernatural things happen that keep moving forward. Date. Instead, Will’s family, made up of mother Joyce (played by Winona Ryder) and brother Jonathan, move to Lenora Hills, California, and bring with them Eleven (or eleven, in the original version), the girl with superpowers but loses to them in the ring. The last of the third season.

The events of the first seven episodes continue in four narrative threads: what happens to Hawkins after the cheerleader is found dead under mysterious circumstances; What happens when Mike arrives in California to find his girlfriend Eleven and his friend Will: What happens to Eleven when she is carried and taken to a secret laboratory to regain her powers; And what happens in Alaska and then in Siberia where Joyce goes to find Hopper, the mayor and his companion who appears to have died at the end of the third season but turns out to be alive and imprisoned by Russian intelligence. This season’s heroes battle Vecna, the brutal killer associated with the Upside Down, the dark and terrifying reality that lies beneath Hawkins and is essentially a reflection of the real world.

From left: Nancy, Steve, Dustin, Robin, Max, and Lucas (Netflix)

Who will die?
One of the things fans of the series swear the most is the character who will die at the end of the season. Now all the dead Weird things (Aside from Hopper, who we saw wasn’t really dead) Minor characters were: Nancy’s friend, Barb, in season one, Joyce’s friend, Bob, in season two, and Billy, Max’s brother-in-law—also as a number of other unknown deaths. However, many seem convinced that with the progression of history and the increasing dangers facing the group of heroes, not everyone will be able to continue to get away with it.

One of the main candidates is Steve, who has always played the role of “babysitter” for younger children, may no longer be needed now that they are grown: It would also be a good way to solve a love triangle with Nancy and Jonathan, which has been shelved and given back this season. Past. Another theory is that Will will die, as some have suggested that there is a scene in the Sotosupra in which you can see a plaque with the words “Byers”, specifically Will’s nickname (but also for his brother and mother).


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What is in Will’s drawing?
At first, Mike arrived in California and was greeted at the airport by his girlfriend Eleven’s hug and an awkward greeting from his friend Will, who brought a bow-wrap with him for the occasion. Everything suggests it’s a gift to Mike, but when he asks what it is, Will replies “Nothing, just a drawing I’m working on.” Many online wondered why Will would bring the drawing to the airport if it was his intention not to give it to Mike. Also, in the next scene, Will is seen briefly crumpling the roll of paper with one hand, as if to throw it away.

From an early age, Will has always been very good at drawing, but in Season 2, when he is possessed by the evil mind Flair, his drawings become the means by which he can communicate the things he sees to others and that is the long, rollercoaster lanes of the inverted. In one of the opening scenes of Season 4, Will is seen painting and among some quick glimpses of his painting appear the kind of grim tentacles that could remind the passages of Season 2. Some have speculated that Will may be possessed again without any of the others noticing and that graphic content could be vital in saving Hawkins from the villain in us this season. In support of this hypothesis, in the scene in which he is seen drawing, Eleven’s voiceover says it’s the time Will is weird.

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Will you fall in love with Mike?
Speaking of gifts and awkward hugs at the airport, many suspect that Will might head out this season by revealing that he’s gay and in love with his best friend Mike. Several scenes in season four seem to refer to this, and from season one Will is said to be ridiculed at school for his sensitivity and being “eccentric” (meaning “weird”, which is the word homosexuals in those years were pejoratively denoting). In the third season, there is a scene in which Mike in the moment of contention says to Will: “It’s not my fault that you don’t like girls.”

Some have criticized the series for deliberately wanting to keep suspense on this point, further than necessary delaying the reveal that many viewers are now anticipating. However, the series is set in the ’80s, and Will, then 14, is almost certain to be barred from appearances: even the fact that Robin is a lesbian has been kept a secret between her and Steve until now. What one wonders is how the story might develop if Will reveals that he is in love with Mike, because the romance between Mike and Eleven doesn’t seem to be coming to an end, and so far Mike doesn’t seem to be interested in Will. Some speculated that the matter could be resolved with a declaration of love and the death of Will or Mike soon after.

Mike and Will (Netflix)

Is Eddie Ten?
Eddie is a character who first appeared in Season 4: He’s older than the heroes, dresses like Metalhead, plays electric guitar and is the head of the school’s group of Nerds (which also includes Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.) playing Dungeons & Dragons. Some have suggested that Eddie may have been one of the supernatural children who grew up in Eleven’s lab. In fact, at the beginning of the season in The Lab appears a boy he’s never seen before, Dieci, who looks partly like him and then no longer appears. In one scene, Eddie says he was a little boy with a shaved head (as is everyone in the lab), and fans of the series have pointed out that the part of his wrist where his tattooed number should appear is always covered with a watch. Nor does he seem particularly surprised when his friends tell him that Eleven has supernatural powers.

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What’s going on at Suzy’s house?
At some point in Season 4, Mike, Jonathan, and his new friend Argyle go to the house of Susie, Dustin’s friend who lives in Utah with several brothers and sisters. When the four enter Suzy’s house, they are greeted by children who run and play with each other and cause disasters. A rather bizarre theory, which surfaced a few days ago on Reddit, claims that everything that happens in this house is a metaphor for what will happen in the next episodes, in the final showdown with Vecna ​​(which will be played by Suzie’s father). Sister pretends to die after being bitten by something toxic (Steve gets bitten by bats in Upside Down), brother turns off power more than once (in Hawkins, a blackout is a classic sign that something sinister is about to happen), two fights And two others set fire to a frying pan (a fire?). If true, Mike may be the designated character to die, as on Susie’s doorstep, one of the younger brothers hits him in the forehead with a toy arrow.

Who is really in us?
In the first few episodes, it turns out that the villain of the season, nicknamed by protagonist Vicna, is Ono, the first child in the lab where Eleven grew up. Some have speculated that, being the first to possess magical powers, he may have been forced to breed to create other talented people like himself. In this case, Eleven and the others would be her children: based on the history of the Vecna ​​family, it is plausible that she is between thirty and forty when Eleven turns 14. Another hypothesis that has surfaced online is that Karen Wheeler, Mike and Nancy’s mother and Vicna’s sister (even if the story turns out to have died when she was a child): shouldn’t be ruled out, given that her role as a secondary character has appeared more and more throughout the series, but never had a role real in the story.

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