TMW – Pinamonti, Ederson, Carnesecchi, Ilicic: Market Point for Atalanta Percassi Ad


CEOAtalanta Luca Percassi Today he traded the Dea market at 360 degrees. Here are his statements collected by our correspondent: “We bought Demiral and we are very happy with this. The rest we work on several profiles, if there are things that can be closed we close them.”

Is Pinamonti the Right Attack Profile?
“He’s an interesting guy for sure. We’re working on it, and we’ll see.”

Will there be a meeting today to speed up?

Is Demiral safe?
“Yes, after the transfer market it can bring a few surprises but that’s not for Demiral in general for anyone. It’s a fairly private market, with withdrawals starting there are going to be situations that could be subject to acceleration. We know what we’re trying to achieve. To do Some goals mature in an instant, others a later time.”

What is Ederson missing?
“There are some important details. There are the players, the agents and the characteristics: in the coming days we will know something more concrete and definitive.”

Will any strangers arrive?
“In general, Atalanta have no idea how many players or positions they have. We have a full squad in all divisions, which comes from years of European competitions and therefore a lot more and this year we will not play for Europe. .We have too many players: we don’t have Open positions, but positions we may try to improve. The goal is to try to improve. We don’t have open divisions and all players are owned, and we honestly have everything. Ambition. The hope is to improve every division: it’s not easy because we have excellent players but we are working to improve.”

Carnesecchi question?
“Lazio are interested and have made an offer. He is a player we care about, according to the management’s philosophy we listen to offers but what was proposed to us did not prompt us to accept”.

Could you stay again?
“No, now frankly we had to have a problem resulting from his hiring in the national team. We have to get it back and today we are focused on it: the process went very well but the role is a bit special. The management is calm, the boy is there.” We bought at the age of 15 and a half and we have a relationship Excellent. If there are important offers we will evaluate, the offer that has arrived does not match its value.”

What future for Ilicic?
“You know his situation, he has a one year contract with another year of option in favor of the club. He’s a player we all know his value to and for sure Sartori is following him. Let’s see what can happen in the coming days, we will talk to him very frankly when he comes back. We know his value and on Monday it will be In Zingonia, unless Giovanni (Sartori, Ed) decides to surprise us first…”

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