To tighten the arms and tighten the buttocks Even when we are in the sea, we can try the easy and simple swimming style.

In the summer, even the laziest are looking for all the ways to get back in shape. Many of us accumulate fat during the colder months, and when we arrive in June, we run to pass the so-called swimsuit test. While nutrition is essential, the good news is that there are targeted exercises that can get the body back into shape. In particular, today we want to focus on the extremities and on the perfect workout to make them work. We will see how to adjust the arms and tighten the buttocks, we can try the simple and simple swimming style.

The importance of performing the movements correctly

Folk wisdom tells us that swimming is a complete sport. Indeed, this is not entirely wrong. This water sport, in fact, makes the whole body work at once. A big plus if we have little time and want to do physical activity. Few people know this, but each swimming style has different advantages. Depending on the movement we are doing, we will work out different muscles in the body. For example, the back is ideal for transferring the work of the leg from the calf to the buttocks.

The exercise that we propose now is ideal if we go to the pool to train, but not only. We can do it even if we are at sea, between one sunbath and another. To do this we will actually need to be able to swim on the chest and have hand fins available, also known as hand paddles.

To tighten the arms and tighten the buttocks Even when we are in the sea, we can try the easy and simple swimming style.

We can start by placing the hand paddles so that they are firmly in our hands. Then we can immediately begin to make large strokes on the chest. Thanks to the surface of the fins, we will move more water with each stroke. This way we will be much faster and we will have much less effort. The leg and arm work will be more balanced and we will be able to swim longer. We can choose to either move the legs in a chest stroke or freestyle swimming.

Thanks to this simple accessory, we will stimulate the trapezius muscle and biceps, which will be in harmony. On the other hand, the legs will work perfectly without stopping. In the long run, practicing this technique can lead us to noticeably tighten our buttocks and thighs.

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