USA, Forget his 18-month-old son in the car under the sun. Found dead: commits suicide

NEW YORK, June 29, 2022 – He couldn’t resist Mashhad 18 months old son lifeless from him Forgotten in the hot carAnd annoyed his father decided to end it by committing suicide. a Tragedy Enormous that left society source field in Virginia.

As it happened, even in Italy, where there is now an obligation Anti-abandonment device In the car if you have children under 4, the father went to work with the little child in the back seat of the car, they reconstructed the detectives, at least they forgot the child Three hours in the hot sun.

Realizing the terrible distraction, he ran to the car, only to find his son lifeless. At that point, returning home, he left his mind and began threatening suicide. Meanwhile, family members already called the police because they realized that the little boy was not in kindergarten, and that his father was desperate.

But when the agents arrived at the scene they could only make sure that both father and son were dead: the car door was open, the man had brought the little boy’s body inside the house, and then he went to the back of the house and in front of the kitchen door He shot himself to the head.

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