Valeria Marini “pinched” during a passionate kiss in the waters of the Amalfi Coast. Who is his new flame?

Valeria Marini Not saying it correctly. The famous showgirl had recently given an interview with Novella 2000 In which she claimed to be fortunately single and He denied every rumor about some alleged courtship.

However, for a few days in Vacation on the Amalfi CoastValeria was caught exchanging passionate kisses and kisses along with a well-known face in the entertainment world.

will be weekly Diva and Donna Capture the precious shots you’re watching with Valeria Marini Clinging to a mysterious manWhile taking a comfortable bath, away from prying eyes.

Hugs, caresses, kisses and smiles: there seems to be no doubt about the nature of the relationship. So it looks like one romantic vacation. But let’s see right away who he is!

The new mysterious flame of Valeria Marini

Although denying the existence of an intimate relationship between them, valeria The financial and real estate director embraced her Eddie Sinscalchi. 20 years younger than the showgirl, the two are often seen together.

But Valeria He determined that they had nothing but a beautiful friendship and labor relations. “We see each other a lot with Eddie Sinscalchi. We have a friendship and business relationship. Beyond that, however, nothing more than that, so I deny the gossip about our flirting!”

Valeria Marini with Eddie Sinscalchi

Who is Eddie Sinscalchi?

It is not clear whether Valeria wanted to hide their relationship or whether passion broke out between them after the release of these statements. but sure Now it can no longer be denied! The intimate position and tenderness for them is far from that of two friends.

But what is known? Eddie Sinscalchi? In fact, his name is well known in the entertainment world. Very diverse knowledgeHe appears to be a friend of the Selassié sisters, rivals of GFVip, but also of Sophie Codegoni and Francesco Chiofalo. All characters with whom he has been seen many times.

acquaintance with Valeria Marini Some time ago already, but this was the first time this had happened “pinched” in such intimate situations. Will this fire kiss pave the way for a romantic relationship or just a short summer flirtation? We just have to wait impatiently New developments in love life From beautiful Valeria!

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