Vitamin D: How to get your daily dose with this simple trick suggested by a nutritionist

Vitamin D: How to get your daily dose with a simple trick suggested by a Melbourne nutritionist.

Laura Ford is the name of the nutritionist from Melbourne who unveiled a trick that went viral on Tik Tok to increase your daily dose of Vitamin D. Leave the mushrooms in the sun for fifteen minutes. In fact, mushrooms contain a compound that converts sunlight into a usable form of D2.

The compound is an ergosterol which, Laura explained, is converted to vitamin D2 when exposed to ultraviolet light. And the great thing is that sun-exposed mushrooms maintain high levels of D2, the vegetable vitamin D, even when cooked and sliced.

Emphasis also comes fromAustralian mushroom who stated that “aThrough the effect of sunlight, (the fungus) converts abundant ergosterol into ergocalciferol (vitamin D2).” It is a study entitledPhotobiology of vitamin D in mushrooms and its bioavailability in humans, based onMushrooms exposed to sunlight or UV rays are an excellent source of vitamin D2 in the diet because they contain high concentrations of the precursor of vitamin D, which is vitamin D2.. “

In short, the information provided by the Melbourne nutritionist, which initially caused some confusion, appears to be correct!

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