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12.04 lap – Exceptional Guazini, clocked 24’24” in the stopwatch! Nobody like her, they all drive a delay of over 1 minute!

12.03 cycle – and OROOOOOOOOOO! OROOOOOOOOOO FOR VITTORIA GUAZZINIIIIII! Another great success for Italy in the Mediterranean Games!

12.01 Water polo – 8-15 for Spain, the bronze medal appears to be in the hands of the Iberians.

11.59 Cycle – What time is it for Nasr Gwazini in the Solo Time Trial! Blue finishes off her impressive performance at 24’24”, and Frenchman Cedrine Kerbaol comes in second with a delay of over a minute (1’28”)!

11.57 Water Polo – Span spans, 8-13, missing 4′.

11.55 WATER POLO – Spain returns to +4, 8-12.

11.53 WATER POLO – Matteo Bragantini scores, 8-11.

11.53 ARCHERY – With the same score, Lucilla Boari beat Greek Evangelia Psarra, 6-4 (26-27, 28-27, 24-29, 24-27, 29-26).

11.52 ARCHERY – Federico Mussolici beats Spaniard Miguel Alvarino Garcia 6-4 (29-30, 29-28, 28-28, 29-25, 28-28).

11.51 ARCHERY – Federico Musolisi and Lucila Bure also in the semi-finals!

11.50 WATER POLO – The third quarter is over, and Spain is up 11-7. It would take a great comeback in the last 8 minutes for the Azzurri to try to win the bronze medal.

11.49 ARCHERY – Mauro Nespoli in the semi-finals! Frenchman Romain Veché lost 7-1 (30-27, 29-28, 28-28, 30-28).

11.48 Tennis – Spain’s Bosas Manero beat Branchio 5-3.

11.48 Volleyball – The Azzurri conquer the second set too! 25-15, 25-16 in Turkey, 2-0!

11.46 WATER POLO – Paying Spain back with the same coin: numerical superiority again exploited in the best way, 7-11.

11.45 WATER POLO – The blues are shortened by exploiting two numerical superiorities, the score 7-10 in favor of the Spaniards.

11.44 Archer – Quarter-finals begin: Federico Mussolese faces Spain’s Miguel Alvarino Garcia, who was knocked out by Alessandro Paoli. Another challenge with the French Mauro Nespoli who challenges Romain Féchet. Finally, Lucilla Boari encounters the Greek Evangelia Psarra.

11.42 WATER POLO – Lopez Duart scored from the penalty spot 5-10.

11.40 Water Polo – Italy in confusion, the Spaniards take advantage, 5-9.

11.38 TENNIS – The women’s semi-final match with blue Noria Brancaccio takes place on the field against Spain’s Jessica Bozas Manero: the latter is leading in the first set, 4-3.

11.37 WATER POLO – Expanding Spain! First Robert Lopez Duart 5-7, now Marc Frigula Navarro scores 5-8 for the Spaniards.

11.36 Volleyball – The Azzurri came home with the first set, 25-15 against Turkey.

11.33 Flying – Mixed skeet teams qualifying is over: Cyprus and France will battle for the gold, while blues pair Martina Bartolome and Gabriel Rossetti are vying for bronze with the second Cypriot pair.

11.30 Water Polo – The second quarter ends here too, Spain are 5-6 ahead of the Azzurri.

11.27 Water Polo – Spain exploits numerical superiority, 5-6 for Robert Lopez Duart.

11.26 Cycling Tour – Women’s individual time trial also takes place: Ariana Fidanza and Vittoria Goazzini look for medals.

11.24 WATER POLO – Double by Hugo Castro Fernandez, 5-5.

11.23 Water polo – Giorgio Giacomoni’s record, 5-4 Italy!

11.22 Water Polo – Spain reached the Azores with a 4-4 score in the middle of the second quarter.

11.21 ARCHERY – In short, then, Federico Musolesi and Mauro Nespoli in men, Lucilla Boari in women enter the living. Alessandro Paoli, Tatiana Andreoli and Chiara Rebagliati were left out.

11.19 ARCHERY – Lucila Puri beat Cypriot Corona (25-26, 28-25, 28-27, 27-25) in the quarter-finals, 6-2.

11.17 ARCHERY – Tatiana Andreoli did not get past the round of 16, she was defeated 2-6 by Fernandez Infante (28-28, 26-27, 26-28, 27-27).

11.15 ARCHERY – Far Alessandro Paoli of Spain’s Alvarino Garcia, 1-7 (26-29, 28-28, 27-29, 28.29).

11.14 – Palafolo – The volleyball quarter-finals have begun, and Italy is currently playing on the field against Turkey, leading 15-10 in the first set.

11.13 Water Polo – the first quarter ends with Italy 4-2 ahead of Spain; Remember that the bronze medal is on hand.

11.11 ARCHERY – Federico Musolesi beat the Round of 16, 6-0 against Croatian Remar (27-26, 30-25, 29-28).

11.10 ARCHERY – Chiara Rebagliati, 0-6, was immediately eliminated by Turkish Gulnaz Coskun (23-28, 24-28, 26-28).

11.09 WATER POLO – De Simon is not wrong on the counterattack, 4-1!

11.08 ARCHERY – Lucilla Puri leads 4-2 over Korona.

11.07 Water Polo – Answers by Ricardo Di Simon! 3-1 Italy!

11.07 Water Polo – The Spaniards fall short, 2-1, Hugo Castro Fernandez scores.

11.05 Water Polo – The Bronze Medal Final between Italy and Spain has begun! The Azzurri immediately took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Matteo Bragantini and Andrea Nozzo.

11.02 ARCHERY – Start with a draw with Tatiana Andreoli who will face Spaniard Leyre Fernandez Infante, 1-1. Under 0-2, the other two participated in the second round, Chiara Rebagliati (against Turkey’s Gulnaz Coskun) and Lucila Buari (against Cypriot Michaela Corona).

11.00 ARCHERY – Good start for Federico Musolei, 2-0 over Croatian Alen Remar; Alessandro Paoli is at a disadvantage after the first round, 0-2 against Spaniard Miguel Alvarino Garcia, as well as Mauro Nespoli, 0-2 in favor of Frenchman Iban Barrett.

10.58 ARCHERY – 6-0 by Lucilla Boari on Egyptian Esraa Yassin (26-18, 29-16, 27-15). The round of 16 has now begun.

10.56 ARCHERY – Same score for Chiara Rebagliati against Algerian Yasmine Bilal 6-2 (28-26, 26-22, 24-26, 26-20).

10.54 Arcuri – Tatiana Andreoli 6-2 ahead of Egypt’s Nada Azzam (26-27, 28-25, 28-24, 27-23).

10.52 ARCHERY – No excitement instead for Mauro Nespoli, 6-0 against Algeria’s Ayoub Rehlaoui (30-29, 29-23, 27-22).

10.50 ARCHERY – The final round is decisive, but Alessandro Paoli is up against Kosovar Valmir Gllareva, 6-4 (28-25, 29-25, 27-30, 26-27, 25-24).

10.48 ARCHERY – Let’s sum up the Azzurri’s results: Federico Mussolisi beat Egyptian Bahaa El Din Ali 7-1 (28-28, 26-23, 28-26, 28-19).

10.45 ARCHERY – The qualifying round passed for all the blues, men and women!

10.42 ARCHERY – Andreoli is 6-2 ahead of Azam; Same score for Rebagliati on Bellal.

10.39 ARCHERY – Musolesi consolidates its advantage, 7-1 over Aly; The rather perfect balance between Paoli and Gllareva, 4-4.

10.36 ARCHERY – Everything is under the control of Mauro Nespoli 6-0 against Algerian Ayoub Rahlaoui.

10.34 ARCHERY – Chiara Rebagliati beat Yasmine Bilal 4-2. Lucila Puri steadily leads 6-0 over Esraa Yassin.

10.33 Bow – The third shooting session in a draw between Mussolisi and Ali, 5-1 score. 4-2 instead between Pauli and Galariva, and in women between Andreoli and Azam.

10.30 Sagittarius – equal position, 2-2, between Andreoli and Azam; In control instead of Boari and Rebagliati, both 4-0 rivals.

10.28 ARCHERY – Alessandro Paoli’s 40-0 advantage (28-25, 29-25).

10.25 ARCHERY – Federico Musolesi leads Baha Al Din Ali, 3-1 (27-27, 26-23).

10.22 ARCHERY – After the first round of shooting, Chiara Rebagliati led 2-0 (28-26); Lucila Buri leads 2-0 (26-18), while Nada Azam leads Andreoli 0-2 (26-27).

10.19 Federico Musolisi and Alessandro Paoli of Egypt face Bahaa El Din Ali and Kosovar Valmir Galariva respectively. Egypt’s Tatiana Andreoli challenges Nada Azzam, Chiara Rebagliati, Algeria’s Yasmine Bilal and Egypt’s Lucilla Puri, Israa Yassine.

10-16 A qualifying round in individual shooting, both men and women, is also scheduled.

10.13 The first Italians in the competition will be champions in the shooting qualification stages: in the Skeet Mixed Team we will have a pair of blue, on one side Diana Bakossi and Tamaro Cassandro, and on the other side Martina Bartolome and Gabriel Rossetti.

10.10 Skeet shooting, target shooting, tennis, athletics, judo, water polo, cycling and more: so today is a day full of sports to try.

10.07 With our live broadcast, until midnight (around) you can follow the whole day with real-time updates on the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria, so you don’t really miss anything and follow the Azzurri, from the qualifying rounds to possible finals with Medals so grab.

10.04 Today, there are 22 titles on hand, while the Azzurri are looking for other medals.

10.01 Another day awaits us to live, in an event in which the Italians collect great results.

9.58 OA Sport friends, good morning! Welcome to the text LIVE for the 7th day of the Mediterranean Games 2022!

Mediterranean Games 2022 Medal

Thursday June 30th program, schedule and Italian competitions

Hello and welcome to the live text stream of the 7th day of the Mediterranean Games 2022. In Oran, Algeria, they will be assigned today 22 other titles After 65 distributed so far: they are preparing Several medals for Italywith 7 golds in athletics, 4 in judo, 2 in badminton, 2 in table tennis, 2 in shooting, 2 in tennis, 2 in cycling and 1 in water polo.

OA Sport brings you the live text broadcast of the seventh day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games: Real-time news, minute by minute, race after race, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 10.00 and lasts until around midnight. I listen.

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