What right do you have to say that I consider him in ***

Ruthless controversy by Zorzi vs Pucci. Reported by an onlooker, the influencer reported an anti-gay joke the comedian made on stage and directed at him: “We’re in 2022, it’s been 40 years since he made you laugh something like that.”

Tommaso Zorzi Reverse Andrea Pucci. The influencer and former Big Brother Vip winner posted a few stories on Instagram reporting show content for the comedian that was going to start hurting him really badly. These are Zorzi’s words: “I don’t want to cause controversy, but since I’m involved, I wanted to stay. Yesterday a friend of mine went to see a Pucci show and sent me this thing.”. In the audio you can hear the girl repeating the line: “Wipes if you’re lucky you’ll do it in one nostril, if you’re an idiot in two, if you’re more idiot in the throat, if you’re Zorzi in c**lo.”

What Pucci said on stage

Then Zorzi continues like this: “Let’s talk about that for a moment. The thing that drives me crazy is: What do you know where to get it from? How do you claim the right to go up on stage and tell people that I’m dealing with it in a ***.” He adds: “This thing about taking gays out there, this is 2022, it’s been 40 years since he could laugh shit. Imagine if I went up on stage and said ‘Oh boy, I broke the vacuum cleaner but I don’t know.'” Whether to get a new one or Pucci’s wife use of what sucks. He was calling me crazy, telling me to rinse my mouth. Now that gay bis make you laugh and we all take it in the butt, can we say? In my opinion, Pucci owes me an apology.”

Zorzi to the comedian: “You owe me an apology”

Zorzi then explains that he found out that Pucci blocked him on Instagram, as well as posting another screen message that reached him in these hours in which a comedian’s collaborator asserts that Pucci often mentions him on his shows and that he once claimed no sympathy for him as “too gay”. Zorzi concludes his stories by saying that he is confused, especially regarding the fact that such a thing happens after two days of Milan pride. At the moment, there are no comments from Pucci, but a few hours after the incident, he blocked comments on his Instagram posts.

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