WhatsApp, how to hide last access for some users only: the trick

Check out a function on WhatsApp that allows you to show the last access only to certain users. Let’s see how to activate the function.

WhatsApp is always full of features and now a way to hide last access appears only for some users. In fact, few people know about this new function: so let’s see how it can be activated.

The last feature not to be missed in the app (via web source)

We all know this is a busy time The WhatsApp. The world’s most popular instant messaging app is always ready to improve itself, with new unreleased functions ready to wow users. The developers recently submitted a file New privacy rules, but it’s not the only update that’s happened in the past few days. In fact, with the new update for developers I entered the option “My contacts except” To get profile picture, info, last seen and status. This function allows you to show only the last access of certain people.

The WhatsApp So he published a document that reads: “TheLast login, profile picture, info section or status will be visible To the contacts in your phone’s address book, except for those you decide to excludeTo activate it, you must select all the contacts in the address book except those for which you want to show the last login. They don’t have the check They will be able to see the access. The same is true for other jobs for which Policies On the aggregate. So let’s go see the latest tools provided by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp How to send a message without touching the phone: the surprising trick

The WhatsApp
Meta messaging app keeps updating (via screenshot)

The smartphone is now almost an extra arm of our body and is often useful even when we are in the car. Using a phone while driving is more than dangerous, especially when we have to to send a message. Fortunately, this problem is concerned not only with the latest generation of cars, but also with this problem The WhatsApp Allowing us to send messages without touching Our smartphone.

In fact, doing this is very simple and the new trick that we are going to show you today involves using Voice recognition And thevoice assistant. Before fastening the seat belts, we will have to make sure that these two functions are activated on our smartphone. Then the two magic words will suffice: “ok google“Then continue”Send a WhatsApp message to“By choosing the recipient’s name. All this can be done without taking your hands off the wheel.

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